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One who is a friend. Homie.
How's it going, home fry?
by xoLullaby March 15, 2005
buddy, homedog, best friend
"What's crack-a-lackin my homefry!!!""
by katey December 12, 2004
A home-fry is jus like saying homie. It basically means best friend.
"Hey, my home-fry, dan!!!" said by Stacey and Tracey.
"Hey my other home-fries Stacey and Tracey!!" said by dan.

You can use this on AIM or whenever you want.
by Asheleyyy April 26, 2008
the coolest word to use when you're talking to your friends. especially in north carolina.
yo, what's up, homefry? can i get some ketchup and a corndawg with that?
by homenugget July 10, 2008
An ugly woman in a porno
That porno was great, until the Home Fry showed up
by taratiri October 31, 2010
The tragic and unfortunate event in which the home of a person residing in a ghetto or urban area burns to a crisp.
JC performed a home fry on RJ's crib, and to RJ's dismay, the fire extinguisher could not reverse the effects.
by Inbred Chocobo August 26, 2004

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