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A home-fry is jus like saying homie. It basically means best friend.
"Hey, my home-fry, dan!!!" said by Stacey and Tracey.
"Hey my other home-fries Stacey and Tracey!!" said by dan.

You can use this on AIM or whenever you want.
by Asheleyyy April 26, 2008
It is when people add "random 'h's" at the end of words while on AIM.
yeauhhh - 3 random "h"s at the end

by Asheleyyy April 26, 2008
TF means too funny. You can use t instead of saying lol or lmao.
"Shelia yu are TF!!!"
"Thanks Dan!!"
by Asheleyyy April 26, 2008
You use "Jose" instead of saying ho. Then the person yu say it to won't know and you can insult them without them knowing.
"God, Stacey, yu are such a Jose!!"
"What do you mean??"

by Asheleyyy April 26, 2008

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