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When used as a verb it means to strike someone with a keyboard in the face. This happens in schools and offices often or in any high stress atmosphere where a keyboard is present.
zak: hi whats up?
shane: nothing... why the hell do you want to know?
zak: just curious...
(shane puts his fist up in preperation to fight)
zak: your done
(zak picks up a key board and home rows shane in the face)
by zak_taylor May 10, 2005
To take a keyboard and hit someone with it(espically the middle of it, where the homerow keys are located)
Kevin Rose Homerow'd Kevin Pierria on Tech-Tv
by D3koy September 10, 2006
The first sets of keys a person usually learns in a keyboard. Home row is asdfghjkl; basically, it's the middle row of keys where your fingers should be set when they aren't being used. Your left hand: pinky on the a, index finger on the s, middle on the d, and pointer on the f. Right hand: Pointer on j, middle on k, index on l, and pinky on ;
"Hey man, I just learned home row!" "Holy crap! That is amazing!"
by GSGoldSoft March 08, 2004
1. n. Place where fingers rest for keying and typing. It is asdf and jkl; using all the fingers but the thumbs.

2. v. Home-rowing. Using this type of keyboarding method, as opposed to the "Mighty Index" finger method.
1. "Now class, put your fingers on the home row and type a semi." - Mrs. Lang, my keyboarding teacher.

2. "Dawg, I'm home-rowin' it in this chat, bitches." Me, in chat.
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