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3 definitions by GSGoldSoft

asdf's lesser known counterpart. Unlike the asdf itself, jkl; gets a lot less popularity.
asdf is one of the first keys I learned, the next set being jkl;
by GSGoldSoft March 08, 2004
The first sets of keys a person usually learns in a keyboard. Home row is asdfghjkl; basically, it's the middle row of keys where your fingers should be set when they aren't being used. Your left hand: pinky on the a, index finger on the s, middle on the d, and pointer on the f. Right hand: Pointer on j, middle on k, index on l, and pinky on ;
"Hey man, I just learned home row!" "Holy crap! That is amazing!"
by GSGoldSoft March 08, 2004
Something that disappeared as soon as people started making useless lawsuits and made huge gripes about nothing. Most likely disappeared around when George W became first elected.
The whole "under god" pledge of allegence thing probably killed the freedom of speech.
by GSGoldSoft March 08, 2004