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When you smash somebody with a computer keyboard in a humorous fasion.

First seen on the television show, "Attack of the Show" on G4 TV.
The keys from the keyboard left an imprint on my face after I was Home Rowed.
by MechaTC April 03, 2005
The act of blocking an unpleasant image using the Mozilla Firefox extension, adblock.
I adblocked Jack's forum avatar because it was butt ugly and creeped me out.
by MechaTC May 05, 2005

The lights that adorn college campuses. Students push the button on them to trigger an alarm when in trouble; the alarm brings the police to their location.
Kat triggered one of the campus rape lights to alert the campus PoPo that someone had just stolen her Naruto purse.
by MechaTC October 30, 2005
When someone's sexual desires and lust become pent up due to reasons outside their control. It may result in sick sexual fetishes like tentacle rape, tubgirls, bestiality etc...
If you ever looked at a doujin comic from Japan, you can tell their whole culture is extremely sexually constipated due to the vast amounts of disgusting fetishes they draw.
by MechaTC October 30, 2005
A wonderful/happy place that is unique to each person. Each person has their own "Merryland" aka their own "happy place."
Ex 1: If you've ever seen "His and Her Circumstances," you will know that the character Asaba created this term. Asaba's Merryland is a place where he is surrounded by girls since he loves them so much.

Ex 2: "My Merryland is a place where I'm with the one I love"

Ex 3: "My Merryland is a place where I'm surrounded by piles and piles of money"

Ex 4: "My Merryland is a place where I can eat as much chocolate as I want"
by MechaTC August 29, 2005
Body wash designed specifically for men.
My favorite type of manwash is made by Old Spice.
by MechaTC April 14, 2005

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