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Something that shouldn't be on the Enterprise-D. I mean, they're in SPACE! The Enterprise-D is the flagship of Starfleet, so why do they need to imagine they're in 20th century San Francisco when they can be screwing green women?
Barclay went to the holodeck to screw everybody on the ship without screwing everybody on the ship.
by Reginald Barclay June 07, 2011
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To go to the 'Holodeck" means to have sex with someone who you have de-humanised; i.e. you do not consider them to have thoughts and feelings like a real person, you just use them for sex.
Ian - " I went to the holodeck last night"
Dave - "Really who with?"
Ian - "Some slut I used to work with, she rang up wanting sex"
Dave - "You didn't say 'Computer end program' did you?"
Ian - "No but I did say 'For f***s sake' when she got her tits out, they were east westies."
by dogegg April 05, 2009
For all you startrek fans...this is for you.

A simulated reality facility, generally on starships and starbases.
For instructions on how to build a Holodeck, refer to the internet.
by PornSoldier December 12, 2006

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