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v. The act of totally owning someone that it has the effet of a second holocaust.
"I holocausted Matt in Halo 3 yeterday"
by consuela la plata December 13, 2007
12 2
verb. The act of totally pwning someone to the point that it had the effect of a second holocaust.
"Did you see the match against me and Brian on Halo 3?"
"Yeah, Brian got effin holocausted"
by consuela la plata December 08, 2007
7 3
To Be Emaciated like the people of the Holocaust.
That Supermodel is Way Holocausted.
by Alan C. Christ April 24, 2008
6 4
to have been seriously burned...; to have been verbally, physically, or mentally accosted so badly that the burn was as insulting to that person as the Holocaust was to the Jews
Shawnquifa: Yo! did you see that bitch get beat up by her cousin Ray Ray while she was in the park, eating hamburgers from a stank ass grill that that etch-e-sketch was cooking on.

Ray Ray: Nah son!! I didn't do that.. i have an alibi i was with sharlesha, at her house doing.. (clears throat) nothing.. so it wasn't me.

Shawnquifa: Oh ok.. whateva! anyways.. that bitch got holocausted.
by MSG KICKING IN May 16, 2010
0 0
past tense of holocaust. can be used to describe a person who was in the holocaust thus "holocausted" or can be used to describe someone who got their arse handed them in a video game.
1. Matt- My grandpapy died in the 1940s.
Brian- Did he get holocausted or something?

2.Matt- yeah that's right Brian I totally holocausted you in Halo yesterday.
by Consuela la Plata December 27, 2007
3 5