So far, the funniest thing that has happened in history.
The holocaust? More like the lolocaust.
by HackOtaku May 14, 2009
A bunch of Jews got capped. They are still bitching about it 60 years later even though it didn't happen to them personally , nor people closely related to them. The world population has to stay down one way or another, people.
The real Nazis are people who did not support the Holocaust.
by RaawB June 01, 2007
when hitler (lol) sent all the joos to a big camp which is like concentration because the joos were having trouble to concentrating.
my mum sent us to a camp to concentrate and we had a real fun time and I was like Holocaust LAWL
by Byron34353543 January 29, 2007
The greatest event to ever happen in the 20th century. In fact, quite possibly the greatest achievement in human history. Jews are the source of all the worlds problems(its in their genetic make-up to corrupt and destroy) and only only Hitler was the true sane person who realized this. Too bad the weak minded allies had to stop him and infect us with their morals.
The holocaust was a stroke of sheer genious carried out by the greatest person to ever exist.
One and half million bastard Jews died in the greatest event in history also known as the holocaust.
People need to know that in the Holocaust not ONLY did Jews die but homosexuals and Gypsies did too, why you ask? hell if I know, Hitler didn't like anyone who wasn't straight or Aryan.
Jewish people don't mention the fact that homosexuals & Gypsies died along with their anchesters for some messed up reason.
by que April 09, 2005
To utterly destroy something or someone.
Bob ordered a sheet pizza and holocausted the sh*t out of it, there wasn't any left for his friend Steve.
by TomtheWonderDog December 14, 2009
A terrible time for the Jews. The Jewish people weren't the only ones to die but they had he highest number of deaths.

During WW2 Adolf Hitler, a terrible man, pulled the Jewish race out of their homes and forced them into concentration camps. While they were at the camps they were forced to work. That's doesn't seem that bad but whilst the fact that they basically had no food and grew very weak made the situation much worst.

Auschwitz, the biggest camp, was a death camp and a labor camp. His meant that people were worked really hard and killed in gas chambers. The chamber were filled with carbon monoxide. The has would start at the bottom and trash the top of the chamber in a short period of time. Some people died from just getting trampled by the stronger people

The holocaust is very interesting but also a very bad time in Germany, Poland, and Austria

At the front of the camps these people would be sorted into one of two lines. Stronger men would go to one side and children, pregnant women, and other women were sent to the other side. That side was sent immediately to the gas chambers. At the front of the chambers the people that were sent in were told to take off their clothes for they were being disinfected. Sometimes there were even other news persuading there fellow prisoners to go it.

Towards the end of the war the camps were liberated, meaning the British came and protected those who were still alive.
Jew: about 7,000 Jews were killed in the holocaust
Other person: u can't forget about the gypsies and homosexuals who were also killed. There were also others too
by Ur Mom hates you December 16, 2015
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