the most horrific even in history in which the most evil dictator hitler attempted to kill of every innocent Jewish person in the world and targeted gypsies and homosexuals as well, for those of you who are ignorant and make jokes about this event you deserve to go to hell and be with satan because that is where your soul is
The holocaust was evil and the most terrible thing to ever happen to innocent people.
by Robin Norbi May 14, 2005
A black mark on the history of Germnay and the German people forever. Germany will be rembered for the blood she shed, of over 10 million people who did nothing wrong. Anyone of German herritage should be ashamed they are related to this. In 100 years all Germany will be rememberd for is the greatest murders in the history of the world.
"And this no one will remember, the extermination of the jews" -Adolf Hitler The holocaust will not be forgoten no matter how neo nazies try to make it so.
by yankee September 16, 2005
An event that once referred to the mass murder of millions of innocent people simply because they were Jews, Poles, Slavs, Russians, homosexuals, etc, but soon will be referred to the mass extermination of neo-Nazi punks and white supremacist assholes. Neo-Nazis and white supremacist motherfuckers are the stupidest and lowest forms of life on Earth. People like those who wrote 9 and 10 have no place among civilized human beings.
Teacher: Today class we are going to learn about the Holocaust.
Student: My daddy said the Holocaust was a bad thing because the Nazis killed lots of Jews for no reason.
Teacher: That's right, but the Holocaust I'm referring to actually cleansed the planet of neo-Nazi and white supremacist filth. So now it is a good thing.
Student: oh. cool. How did we kill them all?
Teacher: We rounded them up, stuffed them onto trains and kept them there for weeks without food or water and some died and some had to eat each other's shit and drink each other's piss to stay alive. Those that lived were put into camps and then gassed in huge chambers before being cremated and sent to hell where they belong.
Student: COOL!!!!
by ihatenazisandwhitesupremacists November 21, 2005

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