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Someone who is obsessed or addicted with something. Usually the thing that the person is obsessed with is implied.
Hey man, get some sleep. Don't be a holic! (workaholic)
by Bao Thien Ngo August 13, 2006
62 18
Suffix commonly applied to words to indicate addiction, derived from the word alcoholic. Always improperly used unless referring to an addict of alcohol.
Greg: How was Europe?
Luke: It was just a chocolate tasting tour, Nancy is such a chocoholic.
Greg: That's not a word, moron.
by MarkoG December 04, 2009
42 16
Played on heavy, this Dance Dance Revolution song shows that you're competant and can follow the steps well.
This song can be performed as a 'rite of passage' when entering a DDR league.

Holic is performed by Taq.
After playing Holic, your grade shows your competency:

E: you suck.

D: you suck.

C: you don't suck as much. work on it.

B: nice, but you need to work on it.

A: very good. work on that AA.

AA: extremely well done.

AAA: you are now president of our DDR league.
by wiru February 17, 2004
14 23
German word for a whale's vagina
He was wearing a pink dress, he's such a Holic.
by not a druid December 13, 2006
5 24