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Someone who is obsessed or addicted with something. Usually the thing that the person is obsessed with is implied.
Hey man, get some sleep. Don't be a holic! (workaholic)
by Bao Thien Ngo August 13, 2006
Suffix commonly applied to words to indicate addiction, derived from the word alcoholic. Always improperly used unless referring to an addict of alcohol.
Greg: How was Europe?
Luke: It was just a chocolate tasting tour, Nancy is such a chocoholic.
Greg: That's not a word, moron.
by MarkoG December 04, 2009
Played on heavy, this Dance Dance Revolution song shows that you're competant and can follow the steps well.
This song can be performed as a 'rite of passage' when entering a DDR league.

Holic is performed by Taq.
After playing Holic, your grade shows your competency:

E: you suck.

D: you suck.

C: you don't suck as much. work on it.

B: nice, but you need to work on it.

A: very good. work on that AA.

AA: extremely well done.

AAA: you are now president of our DDR league.
by wiru February 17, 2004
German word for a whale's vagina
He was wearing a pink dress, he's such a Holic.
by not a druid December 13, 2006