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1.) An expression of positive approval or agreement.

2.) Of top quality or perfection, unequalled in all regards.

3.) A testement to greatness.
a) Me: "I slayed this RX-7 in my minivan tonight and showed him what's up"
Scott: "Hogan"

b) This Quiznos sub if fucking hogan.

c) Eli Wallach was hogan in The Good The Bad and The Ugly
by Whorse January 12, 2005
An intelligent, sexy, loyal, witty man who is the life of the party and a tractor boy supporter.
That girl is so lucky, she is dating a real Matthew-!
by whorse November 03, 2013
An adolescent male who tries to portay premature adulthood by exploiting his peers with a barrage of lies and exaggerated stories.
He always makes up stories like that; he's a true steken.
by Whorse March 06, 2004
Slang for applying more power to the tires of a vehicle than can be transferred into forward motion, resulting in wheel slippage and tire spin. Commonly knows as a burnout or peelout; lighting it up is more commonly associated with break stands in a front wheel drive minivan.
I'm gonna light it up in front of that cop just to let him know what's up.

Wow, that minivan can really light it up when you floor it.

Did you see that 1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass light it up at that intersection?
by Whorse March 02, 2005

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