A small white plastic storage case in which ladies of the night keep their earnings.
"Wot you mean you only got fifty notes in ya hoe bag tonight? Take that (slap!) ya slack bitch!"
by www.fulep.com April 19, 2004
Bitch so ugly, fuck any thing but she gotta wear a bag on her head to keep you from getting a look at her.
That double hoe bag done got knocked up at her last gang bang.
by Monkey Kneegrow April 25, 2003
Robby is named a hoe bag. For he is such. Therefore... He is a hoe bag. So yes. Stop asking. And please don't call.
Robby is a hoe bag.
by The iHoe August 11, 2006
That bag that you keep in your car with clothes, bathing suits, underwear or shoes cause "you ain't going home"
"Hang on, I gotta get some clothes outta my trunk - where is my hoebag"
by jlh0524 August 04, 2006
The same thing as a hoe, slut, whore etc. Can be abbreviated by "bag" or "bag of hoes". I made up this word so STOP TRYING TO PULL IT OFF AS YOUR OWN!(ASHLEY'S WORD!)
You are such a hoebag because your eyes are like lemons!
by #1 Hoebag June 28, 2004
An overweight redhead that is always bitching about not submitting a new schedule.
1. Yo that hoebag won't get off my nuts about my schedule.
2. That hoebag ate the last doughnut again.
by EDS December 28, 2004
Another word for idiot and spaz;
"You're such a stupid hoebag."
by Moose June 20, 2003
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