Usually a member of the female sex who frequently engages in lewd acts of sexual activity, often including bestiality.

Also, the satchel used to collect butt-mud dropped from the hineys of horses in a drawn carriage.
Example: Brianne and Heba are such hoe-bags; last night they had sex with 4 different guys and even a couple of donkeys.
by Dirty Dirty Dan May 03, 2006
The state of female being or acting as a hoe, slut, or whore.
Kassie: " Did you see Kayla dirty dancing with her boyfriend?
Ashley: " Omg totally, she was acting like a hoebag."
by greatttttx3 May 24, 2009
a hoe so extreme that she possesses the hoe-like qualities equal to that of a bag full of average hoes.
"Man, she is such a hoe."
"No. She's a hoe BAG!."
by fuckyourswagger February 02, 2012
Hoebag can be used to describe, not only females but usually short people see smidget
some times the word skillet can be used in the same sentance as "hoebag"
"Josh is such a hoebag!, but he will always be my skillet"
"Josh is a uber homeskillet"
"Joshua tree is a hoebag from Quebec"
by uberhomeskillet April 17, 2007
an evil slut-faced woman who is possibly a prostitue, but not usually
Man, that chick's a hoebag for being with those 56789012445 mother fuckers.
by emmylou March 26, 2005
a ridonk hoe that even exceeds normal hoe-ness. either that or a friendly greeting.
"man. she is SUCH a hoe bag to wear that shirt."
"hey hoe bag"
"hey, how's it going?"
by corina May 26, 2004
A woman who is a bitch, but has had many boyfriends over the month. She is a fucked up bitch.
Kayla is such a hoebag!!!
by Clayre Bear January 29, 2015
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