HOmosexual BOurgeoisie

Gays who reject identification with any form of unique "gay" lifestyle or culture. HoBos identify with ordinary mainstream bourgeoise values like monogamy and marriage.
First, Bob and Dan got married, now they're going to join the military and serve openly - they've become total HoBos!
by lunamor December 28, 2010
Some useless bum that sits infront of your school drinking alcohol, but in a way you feel like you want to hug them...
As Bob was walking to school on a nice friday morning, he came across a trail of beer bottles. He followed them to back behind his school where he saw a motionless lump under some blankets. He picked up a nearby stick and poked it a couple of times to see if it would move, it didn't. When Bob took the blanket off of it he saw a person that looked somewhat dead. To check he gave it a few kicks and it eventually woke up. As it started to stand up, Bob hugged it and jizzed his pants. Bob and the Hobo then spent the rest of the day drinking alcohol.
by Jones is da best January 13, 2012
mordecai the great was the original hobo, and remains the most wonderful, according to Eve.
hobo mordecai let out a loud and bitter outcry as he ran through the street wearing hessian
by steve and parsley September 19, 2003
character from my horror movie, lives in train, some are nice (singing hoboes) and some are evil (stabbin hoboes) singin hoboes help you capture stabbin hoboes, and stabbin hoboes you can't see or hear, only smeel, but then it's too late and the knife is up you ass.
is that hobo singing or stabbin? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
by Stoner June 06, 2003
After a woman shaves her pussy, the hair gradually grows back. After four or five days, it reaches the hobo stage. After a week or more, the stage is called "sailor."
Example 1, he to her: "Oh, I see you're at the hobo stage again."
Example 2, she to him, "Watch out, there's a hobo down there!"
by Khizzar November 27, 2009
To steal something from someone with unspoken consent, derived from when a hobo takes something unwanted from a dumpster
Example 1:
Worker 1: Hey! That dirty shit is rummaging in our dumpster!
Worker 2: Aw, c'mon man, he's just hoboing some food.

Example 2:
Student 1: Aw fuck! I missed three pages of notes!
Student 2: Don't worry, you can hobo them off of me.
by [The Creator] April 25, 2009
A homeless person with no type of clothing,money,nor house.Hobos usually live in the street and and don't have any family.They also live by themselves drunk and live as acholicsand smokeatholics(aka smoke every time possible.)
While ridding on the bus to a basket ball game all of the young cheerleader and basket ball players saw a hobo on the streets of Hialeah with only a shirt on and his legs crossed(idian stlye)and Andreina saw his Nuts(aka balls)
by Angy24 March 05, 2009

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