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Meritt's can be very confusing. They have a lot of issues but time helps. Step back and give them space. They always look great and worth the wait! Like lasagna, let it cool down before you heat it up again. A lot of upside. Pretty, sexy but stubborn and can be combative. Everyone wants a Meritt!
I'm not sure what to do? Well at least its a Meritt!

I love that sports car, its almost worth a Meritt.
by 2ndtimearound October 19, 2010
a girl who LOVES sugar and chocolate. she is classified as crazy in my book but you gotta love that about her. she is spontaneous and a movieaholic! great sense of style that is unique. oh and she can't live without a hamburger and cheeseballs! can't live without this girl!!!
Meritt is hot
by freethrow35 February 08, 2010
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