1- Someone who has sex with animals (and is apparently illegal)

2- Someone who pushes, or knock over, a hobo or bum
You are a filthy hobknocker!

British people call American people hobknockers becuase they find it insulting.

She knocked a homeless man on his unbathed ass, she must be a hobknocker
by Cookie C. <33 August 20, 2009
Top Definition
when a guy hits you in the face with his penis.
the hob-knocker hit her face so hard she nearly passed out.
by jamie love pie! February 08, 2009
one who masturbates in public restrooms
Sounds like theres a hobknocker in the next stall over.
by scenesinner February 07, 2009
An allegedly defamatory aspersion of ostensible British origon used chiefly to assert the recipient's overt practice of something decidedly "gross" and "illegal"; as spoken in the American sitcom television series "iCarly".
"You filthy American hobknockers!
by Maimraid February 07, 2009
1. one who goes around hitting people hard in the testicles

2. to refer to a person as the pain one suffers after being hob-knocked
On ICarly and Friends the runner up to David Archuleta calls everyone Hob-knockers, hob-knocked is to get hit hard in the testicles ergo a hob-knocker...
by ChaseMyFace February 07, 2009
To hit someone in the face with the penis.
He was a real hobknocker!
by DefinitionsFortheSoul November 23, 2009
when a guy takes his penis and harshly slaps a sexual partner across the face.
a guy slapped his pee pee on my face and then called me a hob-knocker!
by richardtyronewilson February 15, 2009
a person who masterbates in public and therefore it is illegal.
check out that hobknocker.

dude thats awsome and illegal.
by carls to cool kubis June 04, 2009
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