A man who hits a girl in the face with his penis.. This is disgusting and illegal.
Jane: You ever heard of a hobknocker?
Helen: Yes... I heard it's gross..
Jane: My boyfriend Paul?
Helen: Yeah....
Jane: He is one, he showed me last night.
by GeekybracedGirl August 16, 2010
In british a hobknocker is a person who runs in the streets and hits people in their balls, or a person who hits people in the face with his balls. Used for swearing meaning a person who is a way too much annoying and stuff.
-He always texts me and he won't leave me alone!
-Ohhh gurl, such a hobknocker dat nigga is.
by xSwagDoe April 07, 2013
One who commits the gross and illegal act of masturbating in a public restroom.
That was gross how saw that hob knocker in that bathroom!
by Dr. Lima Bean February 18, 2009
Most famously featured on the show, iCarly, a hob knocker is a word mainly used by English people. In real definition, a hob knocker is a man, during oral sex, hitting a woman in the face with his dick

On iCarly, it is described as illegal. In actuality, it isn't. It's just really fun
Filmer: Hey, Joe! Be a hob knocker and whack the slut with your dick!

Joe: (whacks woman)
by Gogogoman June 19, 2011
1. A person who Masturbates in public restaurants.

2. A man who uses his cock to slap other people in the face.

3. A person who uses their dick as a weapon to the point where they delude themselves into thinking it can deflect bullets.

4. A person who jerks off with other people in the room who can clearly see it and has little empathy for their disgust or discomfort.

5. A man who Chops another mans balls off and tries to give the mutilated balls a handjob.
a.Oh my god dude don't look over there! That dude's a hobknocker!

b. See that guy over there? He's a total hobknocker don't let children near him. He's sick and wrong.

c. That guy thought he could deflect bullets with his cock and use it as a sword! What a hobknocker!!!

d. Dude stop being a hobknocker! We are all getting sick from your disgusting actions! go to the fucking bathroom if you're gonna do that!

e. That sadist is a total hobknocker
by MatBarnes March 24, 2010
To walk around and hit people with your penis. it is illegal, and also frowned upon. It is of british slang.
Dude, don't hobknock her. Thats, thats just wrong, you hobknocker
by ski2winsdk June 14, 2010
1. A person that engages in sexual activities with animals

2. Someone who masturbates in public

3. A person that frequently grabs other peoples genitalia

Hobknockers are usually men
1. Nick is such a hobknocker, he is dating his dog.

2. Jack was being a hobknocker in school today, it was so gross!

3. Sarah grabbed his junk! What a hobknocker!
by CubbyBunie666 August 27, 2014
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