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a man's beast; his organ; one's phallus

Origin: A shortened form of the word "hoagie" (which Philadelphians use to mean a "sub" type of sandwich, like the kind they serve at Subway)
DAMN! Bitch want on yo hoag!
by Geesta January 03, 2005
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The hoag (hell of a guy) factor is a political term coined by George Bush which refers to a man with a particular character which lends itself to the political arena.
"I don't know if Hilary can stay on top, she doesn't really have that hoag factor"
by vikingaprinsessan March 07, 2007
The one and only. Hoag's are ballatastic and get FUCKED all day long.
Hoag's hardtastic hard on penetrated Kaylea's shoes.
by Funkalicious89 March 18, 2009
A slang term meaning to joke around or to trick.

ex., "I was just hoagin'!"
"You've GOT to be hoagin'!"
by xxx-swoosh May 15, 2007
a bitch, sleazebag, someone you don't like or think should go slit their wrists with a rusty nail.
omg. karen is such a HOAG! i cant believe she put pins in my thong again! when i sat down. you know.
by MerryMeri August 18, 2005

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