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a man's beast; his organ; one's phallus

Origin: A shortened form of the word "hoagie" (which Philadelphians use to mean a "sub" type of sandwich, like the kind they serve at Subway)
DAMN! Bitch want on yo hoag!
by Geesta January 03, 2005
20 10
The hoag (hell of a guy) factor is a political term coined by George Bush which refers to a man with a particular character which lends itself to the political arena.
"I don't know if Hilary can stay on top, she doesn't really have that hoag factor"
by vikingaprinsessan March 07, 2007
9 5
The one and only. Hoag's are ballatastic and get FUCKED all day long.
Hoag's hardtastic hard on penetrated Kaylea's shoes.
by Funkalicious89 March 18, 2009
6 5
A slang term meaning to joke around or to trick.

ex., "I was just hoagin'!"
"You've GOT to be hoagin'!"
by xxx-swoosh May 15, 2007
2 8
a bitch, sleazebag, someone you don't like or think should go slit their wrists with a rusty nail.
omg. karen is such a HOAG! i cant believe she put pins in my thong again! when i sat down. you know.
by MerryMeri August 18, 2005
3 17