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A synonym for lesbian, combining the word faggot with the feminine suffix -ette.
She doesn't want on your hoag! She's a faggette!
by Geesta October 24, 2004
a man's beast; his organ; one's phallus

Origin: A shortened form of the word "hoagie" (which Philadelphians use to mean a "sub" type of sandwich, like the kind they serve at Subway)
DAMN! Bitch want on yo hoag!
by Geesta January 03, 2005
When you go on an adventure in which you have sex with a shitload of people in a very short time.

Origin: 'Sex' and 'escapade' together.
Me: You know that bitch that got fucked up the ass by a black guy in a movie theater in eighth grade?

Jimmy fuckup: Yeah, why?

Me: She's goin' on buttsexcapades all the time now.
by Geesta December 02, 2004
A honky who is especially honky-like.
You see da prez on da TV las night?

Yeah, why?

Boy's a honkatonk! Wouldn't know da dark man if we slapt him in da face!
by Geesta January 09, 2005
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