A person who sleeps with anyone than can. They usually dont have any love for the person or flirts shamelessly.
For example, t.b. Is a ho. ho flirting
by Hiphopluver351945 March 28, 2009
A ho is a girl who spends her time with people who don't care about her. This includes more girls than one would think, but is a very useful definition.
You can tell that girl is nothing but a ho by the way she hangs out with all those basketball players.

"Fellas gotta quit treating these nice girls like hos, and these hos like nice girls.
by Craig la Cocina July 07, 2006
1-The sound created by Santa Claus when he breaths in and out.

2-A term used for a woman of less than perfect moral fiber... alot less
1- Ho .... Ho .... Ho ....
HO,HO,HO,HO,HO This sprint is Ho killing HO Me

2 - (As in the song) Who let these "women of less than perfect moral fiber" in my room. *Sidenote say the quotationed part REALLY fast
by Cowboy December 01, 2004
an easy bitch to get at
Shorty, I been watchin' you, watching me.
Now tell me what you like more, my watch or me?
by boom boom b July 24, 2004
a person that works for a pimp.
a female that sucks dick.
a slut,hooker,and tramp.
my teacher is such a ho.
by Eat My Pussy July 14, 2004
A way of pronouncing the word "whore". Just like "floor" can be pronounced "flo", and "hardcore" can be pronounced "hardco", and "door" can be pronounced "doe".
English teacher: "How do you spell 'whore'?"
Student: "W-H-O-R-E"
English teacher: "And how do you pronounce 'whore'?"
Student: "Ho."
by whodey June 15, 2004
A Prostitute.

Someone who sleeps around.

A woman who fucks men (or women) for money.

A women who fucks other gurls or guys while going out wif sumone

Someone who cheats on their partner
Jess is the biggest fucking ho i've ever met. She was going out with Mike for about 10 minutes before she got fingered by Jay and Rick (at the same time)
by becca nd danita April 13, 2004

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