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Someone who's constantly got sex on the brain, and usually loves to share it with others.
John: Hi Jane.
Jane: Hi John. Hey, look. A dollar on the ground.
John: Oooh, really? *Bends to grab $*
Jane: Biggety back that ass up!
John: You shameless pervert.
by WomanofMassDestruction October 14, 2007
Cat. This word means cat, and nothing else. The masses are sick of all the nobs who use to define vaginas and weak people, because females aren't weak. This word means cat. Use it for nothing else.
John: Jane, Mark is a pussy.
Jane: Oh, you mean Mark is a cat?
John: Yes, a witch turned him into a Siamese yesterday for using the word pussy improperly.
Jane: Serves 'im right.
by WomanofMassDestruction October 14, 2007
A lady who stands when using the potty, rather than waste time laying down a seat cover and sitting.
Mary: This bathroom line is ridiculous.
Jane: It would go a lot faster if there were more standers up in here.
by WomanofMassDestruction October 14, 2007
1) Any dude whose cock you've gotta pay for.
2) An easy slut
1)Mary: So how was the dude you hooked up with last night?
Jane: Expensive.
2)Mary: Hey, why is Mark over with that chick? You guys broke up just hours ago.
Jane: Don't worry 'bout him, he's a ho.
Mary: *Gasp!*
by WomanofMassDestruction October 14, 2007
A vegetable. A very nasty vegetable. It ain't a fruit. If it were, they'd put it in a FRUIT salad, not with the lettuce. Don't believe all the hype!
Jane: I'm hungry.
John: Have some fruit. (Holds out a tomato)
Jane: I don't see any.
by WomanofMassDestruction October 14, 2007
1) A lady's sex organ
2) My favorite part of my body
I love my shikker.
My shikker smells funny.
by WomanofMassDestruction October 14, 2007

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