1) Activating hydraulics in your car, usually bouncing them up and down.
2) Having sexual intercourse where the penis alternates between going into the vagina and going into the anus of the girl. source: Girls Gone Wild, Doggy Style
1)Ridin around town in a drop-top Benz, hitting the switches in my black 6-4.
2) Last night, I was with Brendon, and he finally hit the switches on me. It was the most romantic thing ever.
by playaplave January 18, 2006
Top Definition
From 2Pac's rap classic "How Do U Want It." In it, 'Pac says "I'm hittin' switches on bitches like I been fixed with hydraulics." The phrase means that you make all the nastiest, smoothest moves when it comes to sexin' your lady of choice. For added effect, many times one might pretend to be flipping switches and make a variety of sounds that might be heard on a car with hydraulics, because that "bitch" was bouncing up and down and putting on quite the show. Well done.
"When I was breaking in that one trick from the bar last night, I was hittin' them muhfuggin switches, boy!"
by xyourxworstxnightmarex February 01, 2005
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