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1.some place where 99% of people sleep in and 1% end up becoming the teacher who teaches it.
2.a class that is mandatory to take in school where you learn about the good/bad things that happened in the wolrd
"Man:History class was so boring most of the class fell asleep!"
by InsaneCowPig January 04, 2014
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A tool used by the lizard people to brainwash you into forgetting about their secret plan to make us all their slaves.
Don't believe what you learn in history class! That's just what the lizard people want you to believe!
by TastyNuclearWaste December 11, 2015
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A place where students learn about a bunch of dead people that are supposedly relevant to their everyday lives.
"Why do we have to take History Class?"
"Because learning about the Roman Empire is gonna get us a job one day, duh"
by LennyFace1234 March 15, 2017
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