Hipsters come from affluent backgrounds, they form a part of the aristocracy: the bigotted, highbrow behavior toward others is tinged with Victorian-era, teleological world views, which is naturally a display of their position in the power relations within society. This statement is emblematic of this subculture in that in the process of attempting to distance themselves from their hereditary, privileged class group, nevertheless continue to exhibit a contemporary version of the same prejudice and exceptionalism which further buttress their position in the social power schema. This is why neighborhoods are often gentrified to accommodate to appeal for the hipster demographic.
Don't drive your '86 chevy over there, the hipsters will tell you how you should ride a bike or drive a hybrid instead.
by Gato Volador December 02, 2014
People who apparently don't know that google exists.
Person 1: "I like this one band..... but, you know, you've probably never heard of them."

Person 2: "Don't be such a hipster, man. Gimme five seconds and a phone and I'll have heard of them."
by deathsbinky December 01, 2014
A "hipster" is a person, mostly a Millennial, who is trying to hold on to the small-town suburban life that they experienced whilst in college, doing so while living in an urban setting. A group of individuals using trappings of suburban / rural living, from bicycles to thift shop clothing to beards and more, in an attempt to stake a claim as an "counter culture".

A group looked upon with suspicion by others due to, what is perceived, as being somewhat disingenuous as their lifestyle does not fit in with their actual choice of living environment. A hipster moved voluntarily into an urban area yet attempts to change the community into a mirror of the smaller, suburban / rural, somewhat artsy living zone that they left after college yet became accustomed to whilst attending.

An individual living in an enclave of people who fall under the classification in order to associate themselves with the lifestyle / movement / feeling.

A group seeking to maintain their earlier life of small town college experience and anti-establilshment statements in their later years. A person using facades taken from varied sources such as outdoorsman to artster to grunge, in an attempt to create a sense of original individualism around themselves.
You want to go to the hipster area and get some sliders at one of those pubs?

That hat is very hipster, you'll just need to grow out the beard.

I'm trying to find an apartment around Williamsburg, it's great there! Love all the hipster feel, really cool.

Is this sweater too hipster?

That bike is so hipster, does anyone else even want to buy it?
by dinosnake November 19, 2014
People embracing the new age hippie lifestyle, while ignoring the fact that following a scene or trend, in turn makes them look like everyone else who wants to be a hipster. Ultimately surrendering their individualism and identity to whatever trends happening at the time.

Hipsters can usually be identified by their bohemian/Jamaican hair and clothing styles. Showing their desperate attempt to fit into a variety of cultures all at once. Mostly because they feel they have no real identity or style of their own.
Person #1: What do you think of my new glasses and dread locks?!

Person #2: Kind of makes you look like a 1960s style Woodstock visiting hippie.

Person #1: Really? Damn! I was going for a hipster look. That's why I also got this ugly Greek Fisherman Hat.
by Lumpy Johnson October 12, 2014
Hipsters are modern day hippies, nothing more, nothing less. They fantasize about outlandish ideas such as "a world with no money", not realizing that the human society has been able to progress out of the dark ages because of the economic and social hierarchies they so desperately despise. Ironically, Hipsters, just like every other religious and political party, believe that their way is best. And anyone not on board with that is just too dense to understand it. Yet they take pride in their "subculture" (and I use that term loosely), fearing that anything they do becomes too main stream. They are an anomaly wrapped in an oxymoron, wrapped in the tightest plaid shirts anyone has ever seen. Seriously, do they own their own sewing machines because I can never find any clothing that clings to my body that tightly.
Hipster #1: I can't bend my knees. Do you think I have arthritis from all these high CO2 emitting vehicles that keep trying to run me over when i'm riding my 10-speed in the road like i'm driving a car?

Hipster #2: No, it's just because you jeans are so tight I can see the outlines of your leg hairs.
Hipster#1: Oh, awesome then.
by triago July 18, 2014
They establish new trends, bring back old ones, make use of the bizarre, and bring back what has been abandoned. True hipsters are creative, artistic and, despite their unconformity to culture, have a great sense of what will and will not be acceptable. They can take an old pair of shoes from their father's closet and make them trendy again. They can go to a Goodwill, spend $17.50 on an entire outfit, and still be best-dressed at the party. Everyone wants to be a true hipster, but hardly anyone is. True hipsters come by one-in-a-thousand; or even fewer. The other nine-hundred and ninety-nine "hipsters" just walk on foundations already laid by the true hipster. They do irregular things just because they want to be cool, not because they are naturally innovative and creative.
True Hipster - "I don't have money for all the expensive brands. It's ok though, I found some cool stuff at Goodwill that I can afford."

Hipster Look-A-Like - "I have loads of money, but I'm going to go buy used clothes at the Goodwill, just because it's the thing to do."
by truthistruth December 21, 2013
A group of 20-something guys, all wearing skinny jeans and one of Elaine Benes' cardigans, sitting in a drum circle arguing over who has the dirtiest mustache.
Ugh, can I please just get a coffee without being stopped by at least 3 hipsters outside of Starbucks asking me to sign a petition for a "really important" cause that I've "probably never heard of" because it's "not mainstream"? Here's an idea: let's petition Starbucks to start installing drive through windows at more of their locations.
by genYamInotallowedtochangemygen November 02, 2013
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