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Tiffany H.
"I'm not a Hipster...i don't like categories."
by Stachophile December 05, 2011
Someone with amazing style who typically wears vintage clothing. They usually have an very unquie appearance and rebel against the "norm". They gave an easy-going carefree out look on life. They are mostly found on blogs such as tumblr. Most are unpopular at school and very creative.
by Buba.W August 05, 2012
Jessica is a hipster.
by Agent Oso February 22, 2012
ppl who think they're better than everyone because they reject "mainstream" music and listen to indie and pop. they love to use a lot of big words to make themselves feel better than everyone.they dont really care about how they look or staying in shape even if there nut hugger skinny jeans and tight v necks make them look gay and destroy there sperm.some of the men wear unisex clothing and sometimes even women clothing which is pretty gay to me.they like to also wear glasses and sunglasses. try to act like they appreciate art and photography.not all hipsters are jerks but some are pretty snobby and think highly of themselves and have know it all syndrome and love talking shit about other sub cultures like hip hop because they will never understand it or probly didnt fit in and are too soft to actually fight. they also like to buy a lot of expensive things which ppl can sometimes get confused with hypebeast but they are actually pretty different.the men usually have bangs that look pretty emo like green day.some hipsters will actually deny that they are hipsters
Guy 1- "check out the curves on that chick"

Guy 2- "WTF man? thats a fuckin dude!"

Guy 1- "shit nigga fuckin hipsters and their damn gay tight clothing!"
by durdy deedz June 19, 2011
One who wears skinny jeans, listens to indy and is born with the name Craig Martin.
Any one as hip as Craig Martin.
"I'm not a hipster, I just like bands that are so unheard of they don't even exist yet."
by stefandruzdzel January 30, 2009
A slandering term used by a non trendy, boring person, used for any person that has any sense of style whatsoever.
i wish i could pull off an outfit like that." "no you dont. she just looks like every other hipster with fake glasses and a flannel.
by beannieee October 12, 2010
The only definition of a "hipster" is that he is a person who can stand on certain street corners in any foreign big city in the world and connect for pot or junk without knowing the language, it all makes you want to go back to America to Harry Truman's face.

As defined by Jack Kerouac in Desolation Angels (book two, part one, chapter seventeen)
whole gangs of mexican hipsters mill around, most of them with mustaches, all broke, quite a few of italian and cuban descent. some of them even write poetry, as i found later.
by Bull Hubbard May 01, 2010