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A male who has dedicated his life to sports but he really sucks at them and never gets anywhere.

1. He usually wears a baseball cap backwards just to look cool and they are rarely seen without the cap.

2. Drinks a lot of beer because the only way they can interact with people is when they are completely wasted.

3. Usually has not much to talk about except how drunk he got the night before and had penises drawn on his face. Also talks a lot about how many women he's slept with (one-night-stand of course).

4. Usually on steroids tryin to impress the ladies...or dudes.

5. Plays a lot of homosexual games such as grabbing other dudes' crotches but claiming that he is straight.

6. They usually have their ears pierced or have some sort of lame tattoo that they always brag about.

7. They start their day with alcohol and finish their night with alcohol and end up passing out at some random place.

8. They crave attention so much they would probabily suck a dick just to get people's attention.

9. They love giving other jocks high-fives for any lame thing that happens.
A jock talking to other jocks: "Dude I got so wasted last night and I fucked a chick and then passed out in the street. Ended up getting raped by a homeless dude!!"

other jocks:"sweet dude!" *high-fives*
by inshadow4 June 05, 2009

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