Someone who is hip and trendy. They constantly wear clothes that only hip people wear, thus the word hipster. Hipsters generally wear ironic/hilarious t-shirts. They listen to music and do things that non-hipsters would find weird and or look down upon. A common shirt for a hipster is the wolf shirt.
That kid Seth, with his wolf shirt, is such a hipster.
by calvinmm April 22, 2010
n. (1) A youngish person who, in matters of social, musical, fashionable, and professional taste, considers oneself to be "post-ironic" (i.e. believes both social practice and social commentary are equally nonsensical) while blowing off the paradox or irresolvable problem that no such thing as an ironic gesture about irony can actually exist. (2) An individual exhibiting signs of late-capitalist malaise about one's inexorable and total involvement in standard-normative fields of production and consumption.
Hipsters normally exhibit a variety of tragicomic symptoms, including: Retro fashion / Denial of identity / Embrace of outward poverty while retaining a measure of hidden affluence / Rigid standards of social, professional, and political flexibility / Joyous self-realization in sadness / Personal fulfillment in the detection of non-transcendent gestures
by guayaqo2 August 23, 2008
edgy, fashionable and the kind of indie-different.
you're so hipster!
by rqbskam September 27, 2012
A douchebag who thinks they are too good for everything and everybody especially those considered "mainstream".

Hipsters are also commonly seen wearing gay ass clothes and ugly ass haircuts that look like that they lost a fight with a pair of scissors.

Most hipsters mooch off of other people such as their mothers because getting a job is too "mainstream". This is an excuse because they are lazy hippies who protest about how screwed up the economy is and only fuck it up more by not getting a job and voting for obamanation because he supports gays.
(There are no examples of hipsters because that would be too "mainstream")
by AntiObamaAdministration November 19, 2012
someone who follows all the new trends
Zeena is a hipster
by hipsterlolololololol August 22, 2012
Hipster-1)Referring to young people of around 14-26 years of youth, who drink cheap beer, smoke cheap shit, and do what the media says. 2)somebody that likes to wear (but not limited to) cheap hot topic clothes, nerd glasses, colorful hair, and cheesy ass colonge.
Hey there you hipster.
by Shadow The Macizzle June 21, 2012
A very mainstream Victoria's Secret underwear.
I would not want to be called a hipster.
by A Futching Futch April 23, 2012

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