Someone who often shops at thrift stores, plays random instruments such as the ukulele, and are often quite fashionable.
Woah, Emily Green is SUCH a hipster!
by thebatteringramspam October 06, 2011
Leah, super hip, everyday a cardigan, even her watch in military time. Shes even an art teacher! WOW, what a hipster!
Benfields, everywhere. Oh how she loves to be so hipster
by Makin Pottery October 03, 2011
a hipster is an existential being. in order to define hipster, one must be existential themselves. to be hipster is to be existential but to be existential is not to be hipster.
Kiley: there is neither no future nor past

Liam: therefore we cannot copy those before us and there is no one to imitate us

Franc: there to fore, we are original, we are hipster.
by flying byrd September 26, 2011
Since it seemed you didn't know the proper definition and terms of the word "Hipster" and looked it up and not have the balls to show that you are not as smart as you seem, I shall increase your knowledge to maximum fold by the tenth power by thoroughly explaining in great detail on what a Hipster is, how you can succeed at being a Hipster, and if you have the Asshole-like qualities to be one. :)


One who possesses tastes, social attitudes, and opinions deemed cool by the cool. (Note: it is no longer recommended that one use the term "cool") The Hipster walks among the masses in daily life but is not a part of them and shuns or reduces to kitsch anything held dear by the mainstream. Typically a Hipster can be identified by vintage or thrift-store bought clothing, a taste for obscure or underground music, a penchant for irony and an elitist attitude. Use a great deal of sarcasm, claim to be ironic. Listen to Indie Rock, or anything else non-mainstream. Tend to troll, but only when necessary. Enjoys eating various kids cereal(such as Kix, Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebels). Drinks coffee,tea, and the occasional energy drink; enjoys all three beverages vigorously. Uses enormous words to seem smarter and more hipster-like. Often times mistaken for being Indie or Scene.
•A hipster will read this, realize it's true, and love it because it's ironic.
•Q: how many hipsters does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: What, you don't know?
•Look At This Hipster give various good examples of Hipster kids.
by KodakThisVivian July 21, 2011
H- heroic
I- Indie
P- Person
S- Shuns
E- Everyday
R- Regular
Hipster: that girl at the coffee shop reading nietzsche while wearing oversized headphones
by jag1495 January 11, 2011
Ineffably cool cat.

Not to be confused with "dickheads," the empty-headed, ovine army of imitators who inevitably throng in their wake, ruining everything.

Dad was a Marxian intellectual, mum a sculptress or feminist journalist or some such: Whereas we grew up on Nickolodean, he was weaned on radical politics, Andy Warhol and banter about cult literature.

Moderately attractive, probably mixed race, careful not to be *too* beautiful. Has a timeless, sexless aura hanging about him. Seems narcissistic and aloof, yet kind at heart. Survives exclusively on coffee and cigarettes.

Insinuates a complete understanding of wittgenstein and foucault, but prefers to talk about aleister crowley and B-movies. Bored by most things.

Changes conception of self like we change our socks. A scathing, arrogant music fascist yet possessed of no musical talent. Is fine with that apparent contradiction.

Nothing frustrates them more than the idiot masses aping their every move. To sully their aesthetic divinity with non-ironic imitation is the worst thing you could do to him.

And now that half the world is wearing a battered 80s jumper and a headband and is reading heidegger in a café, the true hipsters have long split, and are doing something else. Something mind-blowingly original, utterly profound and eminently ironic, of course.
Hipster 1: What's cool? Um, it's a bit like Zen, or like, maybe defines the peripheries of any given phenomenology. So it's basically better not to think or talk about it at all.

Hipster 2: What's cool? Well what's not cool? It's just a word isn't it? You know, like "sparrow" or "fuckfist" or "hello".
by 4th bear October 28, 2010
one who has stolen queer culture and made it main stream by having androgynous/genderqueer hairstyles and clothes, wearing colorful scarves, wearing one or multiple earrings on only the left side of their head, and being obsessed over cats.
Two dykes are walking all decked out in cut up jeans, patched jackets, mow-hawks, feather earrings and mullets. A car drives by them and someone inside it yells something at them...
dyke 1: What did they say?
dyke 2: They called us HIPSTERS!
by The Vulvanator August 31, 2010

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