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something that is extremly funny
yo, guy that's hilarium!!
by nerds June 24, 2003
-the state of being in awe of an hilarious act or happening.
Rebecca: Cindy, is a snob and a 1/2. Good thing she's gorgeous enough to get away with all of her dirt!

Rodney: You mean used to be.

Rebecca: Used to be?

Rodney: Yea. You didn't hear what happened? So, Cindy fell down the stairs broke three teeth and four vertebrae? Yikes.

Rebecca: Muahahaha. I can't stop laughing!!! Its hilarious!!!! I'm in a state of HILARIUM!!!
by Gorgeous Melanin January 28, 2011
1. The state of having prolonged uncontrollable laughter, often associated with random actions.
Comedy Central has been known to put Josh into a state of hilaria, where after we turn off the TV, he laughs at the clock for at least 30 minutes.
by Hikaru Zero August 13, 2003
a "HILARIUM" is a word to describe the space and time within which hilarious shit reveals itself.
The point in Dave Chappelle's "Black White-Supremasist" skit, when his character Clayton Bigsby removes his hood, and the dude in the back row...his head literally explodes...then Clayton offers everyone refershments....that is the absolute HILARIUM of life.
by Tehn Diamond August 23, 2010
hil-ar-i-a pronounced (hill-lair-ee-uh)
- noun

1. Archaic: amusing or humourous air, as from that recently passed through by roflcopters, roflplanes or by persons wearing lollerskates etc…

Etymology: from the former notion that it was caused by the air that is or was recently, within close proximity of such humourous objects. hil aria, funny air: see hilarious air

2. Pathology: an infectious laughter, generally prolonged and uncontrollable, caused by yet undefined, but extremely funny and boisterously joyous microscopic animals that occupy red blold cells, transmitted to humans by mosquitlols (see also: lolsquito). It is characterised mainly by rofling, loling or where one ltao (see: lmao) or any other variant of these symptoms. Hilaria is typically associated with urinary and/or fecal incontinence (see: lmaopmpappa)
Person 1: OMG what is wrong with Steveo? He's can't stop laughing, he's wet himself and it smells like he may have soiled himself also...

Person 2: That's hilariously disgusting. He must have Hilaria...

Person 3: Yeah, he does...he got bitten by a mosquitlol.
by alpinestar84 January 13, 2009
1. An event of hilarity.
2. Something extremely funny.
"That was a 'hilarium!'" said Tuan, as he watched the late night comedy t.v. show.

Fucking kick ass funny word
that shit is hilarium
by Ryan bitch boy October 28, 2005
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