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Kyattsuai7's (KyattsuaiVII's) catchphrase.
You have entered chatroom "Zeo 2 4 7"
KyattsuaiVII: hii
by Lonny Mienkcievicz February 03, 2005
5 50
Zeo 24 7 – March 12, 2001

Phoenix Khadgar has entered the room.
Phoenix Khadgar: hey
Phoenix Khadgar: is zeo up yet?
AngurisNeo: hii
AngurisNeo: yes
AngurisNeo: it is for me, anyhow
Kyattsuai7: hii?
AngurisNeo: yeah
AngurisNeo: hii
AngurisNeo: its my trademark hello
MoltresY2K has entered the room.
MoltresY2K: HAHAHA
Phoenix Khadgar: i thought it was a typo rolls eyes
AngurisNeo: used only to greet khadgar, and only this once
Kyattsuai7: what?
MoltresY2K: almost 80k hits :-)
MoltresY2K: Wahahaha
XRocketDDZ has entered the room.
XRocketDDZ: hey
purity number 1: hi rocky
Phoenix Khadgar: Konnichiwa rocky-chan :-)
Kyattsuai7: hii

…and the rest is history =^n.n^=

(thanks to kyattsuai for the log!)

alternate spellings: hï, hi² and i believe hi~
Uni: Hey there everyone!
Versi: Hey!
Centrycorn: hii
by John Doe December 10, 2004
13 61