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Zeo is taking from Power Rangers Zeo,
it has been changed over the years to mean something, however. Zeo now stands for Zero Enigma Omni/Omega, and is known as the last, and Ultimate, lifeform.
Zeo;Zero Enigma Omni/Omega;The Last Ultimate lifeform.
by Oaz April 02, 2005
verb, enhanced and a noun, type of car
1. hi mike just payed mw3 its zeo. 2, hi brian just bought a cool new zeo.
#zeo #enhanced #cars #awesome #advanced
by the zeo ninja November 19, 2011
Taken from Power Rangers. Five sexy ass teenagers by the names of Tommy, Adam, Kat, Tanya, and Rocky. Billy was there to save some butts as well alongside Zordon and Alpha. Yes, when they were still around. Then Trey of Triforia comes along and gives his powers to Jason when he can't use them anymore. Jason then gets weak and has to give back the powers to Trey. Jason leaves with Emily as he leaves Tommy alone in the park. Kat then comes and Tommy leaves with her...the end...begin Turbo season...
Usually Tommy: It's morphin' time
Kat: Zeo Ranger One, Pink
Tanya: Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow
Rocky: Zeo Ranger Three, Blue
Adam: Zeo Ranger Four, Green
Tommy: Zeo Ranger Five, Red
Jason: Gold Ranger Power
#power rangers #tommy #kat #tanya #adam #rocky #jason #billy #zordon #alpha
by Rosada September 04, 2006
a little website with forums called Pokémon Zeo Forums,owners make blanks for fake cards
Go to zeo.
by Cajun Entei October 28, 2003
Zeo is a Pokemon fan community popular enough to have had three UrbanDictionary entries written about it. :D

They also sell a wonderful orange-scented cleaner which is a joy to use.
Stupid people think Zeo is stupid, but really it is them who is stupid. (Not Zeo, as is thought.)
by Crystalis Elite December 16, 2003
Pokemon Zeo is a Pokemon community with teh best card fakers and lots of pokefans.
The best website is zeo.
by Alex The Great Master March 17, 2005
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