Highered, a combination of high and tired. You aren't taking anything illegal, but you still act and feel as though your high. You are just that tired.
Dude, I was so highered yesterday, I just wrote my paper for school tomorrow, I'm a little scared to turn it in.
by jellybamboowithsnakeskin3636 July 13, 2009
Top Definition
1. Being High and tired simultaneously.
1. Joey: "After that 12 hour shift and this blunt, i'm mad highered
by Mix MAster "O" August 15, 2006
1) When one becomes drowsy from hitting the weed too hard. It is a combination of the words, "high" and, "tired".

2) When one must put his/her boss under the influence of narcotics, usually in an interview, in order to acquire the job they're applying for.
1) I shouldn't have smoked that purple stuff, man. I'm really highered now.

2) You know that job interview I had last week? Yeah, it took a lot of work, but he finally highered me.
by UpTop November 18, 2011
The act of being high on weed whilst being hired for employment.
'Yea man, I was totally highered!'
by dinamic33 February 01, 2013
adj - a state of consciousness where one is under the influence of marijuana and is exhausted.
what time is it? i'm so highered!
by Jordan(zig) Johnson May 29, 2007
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