A term used to describe any variety of music that can not already fit into one of the thousand redundant variants of musical genres.
Joe: "Hey man is that some nu-metal band?"
Dennis: Not Really"
Joe: "Well they do sorta have a Visual Kei feel to their look"
Dennis: "They must be High Voltage"
by Rand0mw0rds July 11, 2008
Top Definition
When someone or something is extremely dangerous, exciting, or out of control. Also it can be something that is very exciting. Something that cannot be placed in a controlled setting due to its physical nature and immense energy.
Watch out with that, it is high voltage!
We went to the mosh pit and it was so high voltage!!!
That man is high voltage!
by The master planner September 26, 2013
Cocaine, blow, ya yo, etc
"we capped some high voltage two days ago and I havent slepped since."
by thatniggaleyley March 19, 2005
100% cheater
has cheated
will always cheat
cheating fucker
cheating motherfucker
cheats @ Delta Force 1
Look at High Voltage(Charly), he's one cheating buffarilla.
by -God June 29, 2004
1) Awesome, exciting or energetic
2) Great song preformed by Linkin Park
3) Great song preformed by AC/DC
1) Man, that LP concert was high voltage
2) High voltage is my fav song
3) High voltage is my fav song
by Styrocen May 01, 2003
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