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3 definitions by Rand0mw0rds

A term used to describe any variety of music that can not already fit into one of the thousand redundant variants of musical genres.
Joe: "Hey man is that some nu-metal band?"
Dennis: Not Really"
Joe: "Well they do sorta have a Visual Kei feel to their look"
Dennis: "They must be High Voltage"
by Rand0mw0rds July 11, 2008
The opposite state of being shocked.
I was pretty cling free about Dave not being there on time.
by Rand0mw0rds July 11, 2008
When a geek gets excited about something only a geek can get excited about.
I am totally geekcited about the Hawkeye cameo in the Thor movie.
by rand0mw0rds March 31, 2011