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1.) Not Believable.
2.) Something that is so ass-tounding that it is made out to be not believable.
3.) Richard's Word
"I can't find my fork!", Said Bob!
"That's Unbelievable", Reacted Richard.
by sheeps September 09, 2003
A great song by Electric Six.
"Don't you wanna know how we keep startin' fires?!"
by sheeps September 08, 2003
Not Awesome.
"St. Anger by Metallica Awesome?! AWESOME MY POSSUM!"
by sheeps September 08, 2003
A)What sprite becomes when you've had about 8 litres of it.
B) To root someone with a sprite bottle
A)"This'll be my 8th litre of sprite.. Doneee.. who hah! Dis Spr00T 1s the shizn4t!"
B)"OH MAN! I'm gonna sproot you up the poon tang so bad."
by sheeps July 14, 2003
To have helped in doing something.
1: Hey man, My band wrote a new song
2: Really?
1: Year
3(other band member): Partial Credit!
by sheeps February 28, 2004
What I call the Jehova's Witnesses that used to show up at my door trying to get me to convert religions.
Those Jehovos haven't showed up since I shook that one's hand after I got done whacking it.
by Sheeps January 24, 2005
Not the 61 second man, not the 59 second man, 62 is way out. He is the 60 second, the half of two minutes, the 1/60 of an hour, he is, THE ONE MINUTE MAN. It takes him only ONE minute to start and complete things.
"Holy crap! That plumber is a one minute man!"
by sheeps October 04, 2003

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