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a rap trio from Lorne Park, Mississauga, Ontario. notable for their mischief, uncanny knack for creating controversy, and of course - the music.
The High Hats compel you to read your bible!
by brand n00bian September 01, 2006
10 5
Slang for being left out, condescended to, or otherwise being screwed out of what's rightfully yours. The "High Hat" can be either given or recieved.

Note: Checkk out the film "Millers Crossing" for colorful usage of the term.
MARK: Hey Nick, I'm going over my Uncles tonight for a birthday party so I can't hang tonight. I'll call you tomorrow.

NICK: That's awfully strange-I heard from Adrian that yer' going to see the White Stripes. You givin' me the "high hat" fucker?!
by Mike Falcigno April 22, 2004
183 45
To "high-hat" one is 1) to scorn the individual, to demonstrate open disdain. 2) to melodramatically display lack of interest. 3) to be pompous; escpecially, to dismiss.
"Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’ maid says the reason you were buried in an unmarked grave is you high-hatted the people of Eatonville. You were uppity."
by John Spencer Yantiss December 30, 2005
20 8
Used in conversation when remarking that someone thinks they are funny or are being a smart-aleck.

Taken from the sound that is made when the snare drum and high hat are hit in sequence after the punch line of a joke.
John: Hey I stopped by the house and picked up your mail. Do you want me to put in my box?

Chris: That's what she said!

John: There you go again. Always coming with the "High Hat". Cant you ever take things seriously?
by AugustJaz February 26, 2010
11 33
At a party you shit in the hosts toilet tank that way everytime it flushes shit water comes out.
Dude1: Dude, when all those skinheads were over last weekend someone high hatted my tank.
Dude2: Thats wack yo!
by scott January 17, 2004
20 103