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Lorne Park Estates as seen on a map...very wealthy area of Mississauga...surrounded by forests/parks/beach....South-west of the QEW right on the lake front bordering Oakville and Oakville's weathliest area "Old Oakville" of the, if not the, richest areas in Canada..houses start at the mid to high hundred thousands and million dollar homes are the norm...home to movie and t.v stars professional athletes, CEOs, business people, etc. etc...very snobby and usually called the Beverly Hills of Canada...Mercedes and other expensive cars are the norm....Bentleys, Ferraris, Aston Martins, Hummers also cruise the streets regularly...home to Lorne Park Secondary School which is full of wannabe thugs or skater/snowboarders.
...drug/alcohol use is rampant....everybody seems to own a cottage preferbly in Muskoka...all the kids go away to university and party their brains out...known for its house parties which take place in million-dollar is a bubble.....and one hell of a fuckin ride
Rob: Lorne Park is such a bubble
Jonn: I know bro, theres nothing to do here but bun doobs and get hammed
Rob: lets go to Whiteoaks and bun a L
Jon: sick, lets go
by Lorne Park Spartans August 30, 2005

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