1. Upward in altitude. Located toward the observer's zenith.

2. Upward in geographic elevation.
3. Shorter term for High School.

4. The type of Lander in which there can only be one.

5. Most importantly and commonly used as an adjective to indicate that a person is under the influence of a controlled substance. It can be applied to any drug as long as it is not commonly supplied for recreational use. For something to be a drug, it has to be a chemical with an active effect on the body without being a nutrient, vitamin or mineral. So one can get high on fumes, medications, plant chemicals like THC, Fungal toxins found in mushrooms, synthetic chemicals like LSD, fermented waste materials, and animal biochemicals like adrenogland secretions. Please note that nicotine and alcohol use are not indicated by the word "high." For alcohol, the word used is "drunk" and for nicotine, the effect is so mild, it is almost never referred to at all.

6. Most of the time, "high" is used for being under the influence of Tetrahydrocannibinol, more commonly known as Marijuana or pot. For clarity, most speakers will indicate what drug is being used by adding the word "on" followed by the drugs name.

Side note: The reason why this definition is so long, is because I am high on an amphetamine derivative prescribed by a shady doctor.
1. That hot air balloon is so high.

2. Snow can usually be found high in the mountains.
3. I went to Marina High. Now I have aids.

4. There can only be one Highlander.

5. Straight guys will suck you off if you get them high first.

6. Prima: "Dude, are you high? You said you were out of pot."

Secunda: "I AM out of pot, so I got high on cough syrup."
by wakkadoodooo June 25, 2012
There are many different kinds of highs. I am high right now and this high is just from a couple hits out of a piece. A nice relaxing high that is easy to control and easy to get away with. For me the BEST kind of high is when you smoke 5+ bowls and you can't even remember your name, how to write, spell, or anything.

WARNING: Don't smoke too much before school! Or you're screwed. One time I couldn't remember how to write and I couldn't read. I would read a sentence and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't remember it right after I read it.

Hokay now another high. An amazing high. Shrooms. The best high of my life. I smoked too, though. But about an hour after the shrooms kicked in. For me when I smoked with it I didn't get paranoid at all and it made it a much more relaxing trip! And I wasn't in the best environment either. In fact it was the worst possible environment I could've been in. Srsly. Some catholic girl's birthday party with a bunch of 'straight edge' goodie goodie kids. (I didn't know it was going to be that kind of party)

anyways... yea for shrooms it's a completely different high than from pot. When they first kick in you start 'realizing' everything a lot more. You think about stuff a lot more. And then A LOT more if you smoke too. Seriously my friends called me a philosopher(sp.?) cause I kept on talking about what I was thinking. It was intense stuff, too. So have a pen and paper handy if you do them. Cause i can't remember what I thought of.

Now there's ecstasy. At the moment of the high it is the most AMAZING feeling in the world. You're the happiest you've ever been. You could hug your worst enemy and you could talk for hours on end. And when you smoke it makes it an even stronger high. You're in the best mood of your life and the come down begins to start once you realize that you want to always be that happy. When I'm on the come down I honestly don't know if the trip is worth it. But then the last time I rolled I had the worst come down. The time before that I wasn't that bad. Be with friends if you take E. Music is AMAZING. Oh and you lose your appetite. Even if you smoke too. Plan on being not hungry for a couple of days. Food wont look good. Oh but eat ice cream! It's the one food that I can eat easily after taking E. Maybe a shake would be good. You get really thirsty during the trip. So have water. And try not to grind your teeth too much. I've never had a problem with that, though. Oh and if you have a phone you're probably gonna call or text all of your friends telling them how much you miss them and that you want to hang out with them more. And don't watch a movie or T.V. while on it either. Trust me, just don't.

Of course there are other drugs, but I think those are the ones most commonly done and other stimulants it's pretty much the same as ecstasy, and acid is pretty much the same as shrooms. I like shrooms better. Just sayin. And they all have different varieties of high. And even with smoking weed there are different levels of a high. After smoking a couple times you will realize this. And there are different highs for different kinds of weed/ shrooms/ e. So you could possibly get a different high almost every time you do whatever :]
high, i'm sierraaaaaaaaa
by i<3greens April 12, 2008
highness can't actually be described in just one way or another. it varies from person to person and for each person it's an ever changing experience. there are levels to it, depending on what you're smoking, how much, your body weight, etc... and the things you do while you're high affect what it's like. the levels (that I've found) go as follows:

buzz high- not actually high. you laugh at stupid shit and think about stuff. if you've ever mixed mountain dew and beer it's probably about like three of those. (wouldn't recommend drinking three of those btw)

clear mind- everything seems clear and makes sense and everything just falls together. like if you've ever meditated imagine the same feeling when you finish times 5.

window/window high- where you feel like you're sitting in a movie theatre watching a movie of yourself smoking pot, you lose feeling in your muscles. not like your leg's asleep more like you're a cyborg or some shit. you might find yourself staring at your hand because you think it's cool how you can make it move just by thinking about it. the difinition in the #1 spot describes it pretty well.

tingle high- where everything you do feels CRAZY good and you can feel/smell EVERYTHING. you get tingly all over sometimes too.

twizTID high- where you truely, honest to god aren't sure who you are or whether or not you're dreaming- you only remember things for a second or two and nothing feels real.

then comes stoned- where you lack the motivation to even move and every muscle in your body just... dies like you're being weighed down by huge stones (that's why it's called stoned) so you stare off and just enjoy the sensations coming at you.

lsd high (or mental high) where you start to see leprichans and after that comes unconcious.

I'm not just high- I'm twizzztid. who the fuck are you?

'ah yes.. I remember the first time I got high. I smoked two dimes worth of skunk before I realized I was so toasted I saw a leaf and swore it was a rabbit that was eyeballin me' <--- (true story, btw)
by yummy mustard February 12, 2006
The state of being high. When one smokes a considerable about of marijuana. Wether it be in the form of a joint, blunt, bowl, brownies, ect.
Wanna get high? Lets smoke a blunt.

This weed is great, I'm really feelin' my high.
by the greenskeeper July 07, 2004
What you are if you're looking up the definition of
/writing a new definition of.
Holy shit, i'm so high i'm looking up the definition

holy shit i'm having a hard time typing this!
by Anonymooses June 05, 2007
bein in state of contentment for once, where the world actualyl seems interesting. You become unable to do the simplest things
not being able to do up ur trousers, but find the buckle very interesting.
by hobobado May 10, 2005
Being high can best be described by stages or phases.

1. Laughies (You laugh incessantly and uncontrollably)
2. Munchies (You devour anything edible)
3. Sleepies (You pass out)

The transitions are more dramatic depending on...

1. Bud quality
2. How much you tok that session
3. How often you tok in general
These are general guidelines. Being 'high' is different for each user and can be described by a plethora of differing opinions. It just depends on your own perspective.
by LevyStoned March 21, 2008
the definition of high- why, i am right now.
everything seems amazing. you laugh at the most pointless things and feel like you're floating. high is eating a sour starburst and thinking of how its like a waterfall of starbursts. high is when you feel as though your fingers are dancing across the keyboard; that spongebob is the best television show of all time. so if you are reading this and do not know what i'm talking about--get alotta weed and something to smoke it with and have yourself a great time.
High- what every songwriter in the 60's got.
by xxheyxx December 13, 2008
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