The alternate state of being that you enter after using certain drugs or sniffing certain things. You will feel very surreal and look at things with a different perspective. You laugh at a lot of silly things, speak differently and have impaired motor skills. Your blood pressure usually goes down, sometimes to the point of fainting. But that's not a point. Being high is an experience that is nearly unparalleled and cannot be described. People say that getting high kills brain cells, but that's because your brain is oxygen-deficient from smoking or sniffing in the first place (That's how people get high off of whiteout and sharpies)
A really funny thing to do to people who get high is say "Do you want some food?" and they'll probably say "Yeah" and then you say "Well too bad I don't have any...bitch." There was this kid who used to come in class high every time and one day we put an imaginary box on his head and he started flipping out, yelling "Get it off! I can't see!"
by The Mr Needles Experience September 25, 2007
Hmm. Being high off of marijuana is quite an interesting feeling. Beginner smokers can get high off of about three hits from a pipe after loading a good-sized bowl. The high starts off with feeling a bit light-headed and carefree. From then on, you laugh at EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING when you are high is EXTREMELY hilarious. You will laugh so hard the cookies and cheetos you are eating will fall from your mouth. Your mouth will be in almost a permanent smile, and it is almost impossible to stop the smile. You will laugh hysterically and giggle at the slightest things. You can't really feel your fingers and legs (but in a good way, not a scary way.) From then on, your vision might be slightly strange. Things might expand and seem larger, and everything might be wavery. It is VERY hard to get paranoid, even for beginners. It basically never happens. Time seems to pass very slowly. Music makes you want to close your eyes and makes you want to explode from happiness. You can understand things you never could. Being high is awesome for anyone, as marijuana is an extremely safe drug. Don't hesitate to try it =)
Joe shouted something in a southern accent, and Josephina rolled on the floor laughing for 2 minutes, but it seemed like an hour, because they were extremely high.
by Young Stoner November 21, 2007
Existing on a mental/spiritual plane which can be quite contrary to your or most individual's normal state of awareness. Emotions within state can range from extreme calm to hysterically eractic fear. This awareness normally results in heightened concentration of something (person, place, thing, idea, thought,image, smell, taste, etc.). Once locked in, person may trance entire awareness onto one subject. When this happens, whether high or when low or normal, the concentration can reveal things that normally are missed. State of being high can be induced through various methods including chemical inducement (including the most popular herbals), physical endorphine release due to sudden rush, mental concentration, extreme happiness, radical detachment, etc. Extensive inductions through use of chemicals have been know to lessen life force qi or sometimes called chi. All induction forms can be highly addictive to certain character types, so know thy self.
Being high can grant full undivided attention to the minutest of details by finding universal link to that detail...
by Honored2baStudent August 14, 2006
Many a time I have found myself trying to describe what being high is like. In all honesty there cannot really be a single definition of this state of being, seeing as almost every different high (at least for me) seems to play out somewhat different. My best explanation is : Being high is a state of being when all the tension in all your muscles is relieved and you have ultimate relaxation. You will most likely start to space out for what seems like forever and then instantly realize how disconnected you are. At this point you then turn to your friend and tell them what you just told them and they will reply, "DUDE I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN!" or they will stare at you blakly for a few seconds and then start to laugh their ass off. Then comes the uncontrollable laughing fits at almost nothing or at nothing itself. All music you hear will sound like the clearest and best quality music you have ever heard. Also, when you watch movies you get sort of a tunnel vision and it seems like you're in a movie theater. Another thing is that just your normal vision will seem like the quality has shot way up and even the difference in color of leaves in fall will make you be completely and utterly in bliss with how beautiful every thing is. Also some may feel a heightened sexual arousal. You may find that you will be telling stories that are not relevant at all. To sum up, being high is a very relaxing, fun, safe way to have fun and just appreciate life more.
yo dude we are so high right now, I cant believe we just wrote a definition
by Wallace Wesley November 02, 2010
it's hard to describe but i'll try. when you first feel the high you will fell very warm. you'll probly want to sit down and will stare at random things for no reason. its hard to talk without laughing. when your high you can't tell if your in reality or a dream. you feel like you are watching yourself through a screen. you will remember things that seem random at the are aware of the fact that your high. when you move your body parts you feel like your floating and every movement make an incredible feeling thats hard to describe. its feels like 10,000 ant crawling around your skin but it does'nt hurt. it feels good. so when im high i will walk around alot and make random movements. eating is amazing. for me, when i chew food its make a sensation that move from my jaw to my skull that feels amazing. when you listen to music, you can hear every instrument and not even listen. your attention will focus on many things as well as you could sober. ameteur smokers will cough alot and want to run cold water in there mouths. so bascilly just get some bud and smoke 2 joints in morning smoke to joints in the evening
when your high you can't tell if your in a dream or reality.
by AKE88 January 21, 2008
Hard to explain...after you smoke a joint or two you will get really giddy and everything around you seems to go in slow motion. When your talking to someone and your done finishing what you were seems to echo in your mind. Music sounds amazing and great...listening to INSANE CLOWN POSSE really gets you goin when your stoned. You will get the munchies and everything you eat tastes really fucking fantastic! It taste soo good and no matter how much you eat, you wont get full.

Captin Crunch taste amazing when your high.

Eating also brings down your high.

SO! If you really wanna know what it feels like to be high, go out and burn a few with some homies! MMFWCL to all the juggalos and lettes!
Smoke some weed and get high bitch!
by StonedLette April 29, 2007
1. High
2. Blazed
3. Stoned
4. Baked
5. Goofy
6. Trippin’
7. Blitzed
8. Burnt
9. Mellow
10. Chillin’
11. Toasted
12. Ripped
13. Roasted
14. Blasted
15. Fucked up
16. Gone
17. Lit
18. Feeling good
19. Buzzed
20. Crispy
21. Faced
22. Bonged
23. Wacky
24. Spliffed
25. Smoked
26. Blunted
27. Bonked
28. Fried
29. Retarded
30. Faded
31. Stupid
32. Grassed
33. Smashed
34. Doped
35. Happy
36. Cheesin’
37. Soaring
38. Bombed
39. Twisted
40. Stewed
41. Loaded
42. Churned
43. Blown
44. Piped
45. Chopped
46. Tweaked
47. Torched
48. Warped
49. Silly
50. Chalked
51. Wrecked
52. Drugged
53. Spacey
54. Smacked
55. Chipped
56. Whipped
57. Cheeky
58. Steamed
59. Hashed
60. Bhanged
61. Floored
'Dude, I'm so high right now.'
'Yeah bro, that sensi was dank. I'm ripped.'
by iSmoke24 September 26, 2009
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