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Sensi is short for sensimellia which means no seeds. Like in your herb.
You want some herb?
-Only if it is sensi!
by kine bud April 27, 2004
"I sensis sumfin bad's going to happen to you in the next 10 seconds!"
"Hey man, that's a load of c-"
(skoogs him)
"Ay! Don't mess my do!"
by Dylan Hewson June 09, 2005
Short for the word sensitive. Can be used in any manner where the word sensitive is used and is not in any way limited to the description of emotions.
It's not a big deal, dont be so Sensi.
My skin is very sensi to the sun.
by Mr. Sensi August 06, 2012
Weed, Reefer, Herb, Ganja, Pot, Enysore, Trees, Grass, Smoke, Skunk, Buddah, Bud, Rip, Blunt, 420, Green, Regs, KB's, Kine Budd, Chronic, Chron Chron, Dank, Marijuana, Mary Jane, Marrijihuana, Brownies, Headies, ThC, Schwag, Hemp, Cannabis, Shi, Shit, Leaf, Bone, Joint, 'Erb, Twist....
We gotta smoka some a sensi
by CrakZak August 21, 2003
Weed. An awesome song by Long Beach Dub Allstars
Lets smoke sum Sensi!
by Mark May 07, 2005
The shorter, adjective version of "sensual"; "Sensi" is to "Sensual" as "Sexy" is to "Sexual".

There are also various degrees of "Sensi", which ranges from "Über Sensi" to its antonym "Iness" (a scramble of the original term. Pronounced N.S. or "not sensi").
The look in her eyes and the way she touched my arm was super sensi.
by DrBurns November 08, 2009
An intelligent teacher that helps you understand a lot of things you might've not noticed or thought of before. IQ matches sweetness level, meaning this person can sweet talk and make friends with ease. Is always there for her friends. Worry wart. Neat Freak.
Grasshopper I have absolutely no frickin' clue how to play guitar.

Sensi Here, let me help ya out.

10 min. later

Grasshopper Omgosh, this is so easy- thanks.

Sensi Anytime.
by Gangstagur101 February 07, 2010
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