The feeling (or rather, multitude of feelings) that comes on after smoking weed. The sensations you feel when you're high are hard to describe, but I'll try to tackle each one individually since it's such a wonderful thing that everyone should experience at some point. Keep in mind that these descriptions are based only on my personal experiences (and possibly some I've heard from friends). The high varies from person to person but it's pretty much always enjoyable.

Positive Effects

1. The euphoria. In my mind, euphoria doesn't really describe being high since if you've never gotten high you don't really know what people mean by euphoria. My first time experiencing euphoria (wasn't actually my first time smoking weed) was one of the best moments of my life. I had already smoked a shitload of weed, gone for a long walk with some friends, and returned to a friends house. I was crashing and decided to smoke some more. Lying on my friend's couch, I suddenly had this overwhelming feeling of bliss. For no particular reason, I just muttered over and over again - "I feel soooo good right now."

2. Deep/introspective thinking. While the experience is different for everyone, I wouldn't go so far as to say I think deeply, philosophically, or introspectively while I'm high. Rather, when I start to think, I go into a sort of trance where I know what's going on around me, but I don't exactly process any of it. I am completely focused on my thoughts. I guess it's almost like tripping. If you ever get an experience like this, immediately listen to Phish.

3. Increased appreciation for music and senses in general. Depending on the setting, type of weed, and the music, the appreciation you feel can differ, but it's always awesome. Sometimes, you simply recognize the skill and talent required to compose the music you're listening to. Other times, you sort of twitch and move to the music unconsciously until it sort of feels like you're part of the music. When you start doing that weird, amazing thinking I described, listening to a good band can take you into a dreamworld. This is really indescribable, partly because it's such a foreign feeling and partly because you probably won't remember most of this experience once you sober up. Other senses are also more sensitive when high - touch, smell, taste. One interesting note - busting a nut while high is a great feeling.

4. Laughter. When you're high, things are just generally funnier. However, a specific sort of humor (which may vary depending on person) usually makes you just completely laugh uncontrollably. When high, some things are just so ridiculous, you find them absolutely hysterical. I suggest watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force while high - it's frickin' awesome, especially the Dickesode.

5. Relaxation. Sometimes, weed will not relax you but just make you experience the above effects intensely. However, many strains of marijuana sort of make you relax. This is because when you're high, you often get this feeling that if you stand up, some invisible force pulls you back down, forcing you to sit or lie down. Once down again, it feels like your body is melting into the surface on which you're resting. It's pretty neat.

6. Other. Even when they're not high, many stoners simply enjoy life more. After experiencing a really good high, you will generally just appreciate the beauty of the world more profoundly. This might not happen very often for all I know, but it has happened to me.

Neutral Effects

1. The munchies. The severity of the hunger you feel while high varies from person to person. For me, it's almost intolerable, almost painful. The munchies are weird because the hunger you feel is not normal. You feel incredibly empty and the thought of eating seems wonderful to you, even if you've already eaten. Furthermore, when you're high, food tastes REALLY good. I suggest chicken wings and/or Double Stuf Oreos. I also advise drinking carbonated drinks when you're REALLY stoned as the feeling of little bubbles exploding in your mouth is incredible.

2. Bloodshot eyes. The severity of this symptom varies, but usually your eyes just get really red. The only downside to this is that it makes it pretty easy to tell whether or not someone is high. In addition, your eyelids just sort of refuse to open fully sometimes.

3. Slowness. This is partly a result of the relaxation. Since you always feel like you're being pulled down, moving is hard and takes concentration sometimes.

4. Drymouth. Smoking weed makes your mouth really dry. It's not dangerous, but if you're inexperienced or the high is intense, you might think that your throat is closing up even if it's not. Just drink something - it'll calm you down and taste delicious.

5. Hallucinations. This has never happened to me, so I can't really comment, but you probably need to eat cannabis to get this effect and, even then, I think it's still pretty rare. Don't expect to trip balls (like with lsd) or anything though, even if you do hallucinate.

6. Altered sense of time. While high, time usually seems to slow down. Although this is listed as a neutral effect, it could be considered positive since it makes the high seems like it's lasting longer than it really is.

7. Short-term memory loss. Although this may seem like a bad thing, it only lasts for a little while, maybe even not lasting through the whole high. It can also be kinda cool since when you forget what you were talking about sometimes you see cool visuals in your head of the thought flying away or something (that always happens to me).

Negative Effects

Although being high is amazing, there are occasionally negative effects. None of these are too bad, but they're unpleasant nonetheless.

1. Anxiety. This is the most common negative effect of marijuana. Anxiety can occur as a result of inexperience, too much experience, bad weed, or a poor setting. Basically, you just feel really nervous and anxious, but this always passes if you move into a more comfortable setting. Never get high alone at night - it's pathetic and scary.

2. Paranoia. This is usually the result of the anxiety, but oftentimes, you may find that you believe everyone is watching you or that you have a spy. This feeling will pass so long as you are with friends if you just relax and think about pleasant things.

3. Other. There are other negative effects, but none of them are very serious at all and usually appear far worse if you experience the anxiety of paranoia mentioned above.

4. Crashing. The high from marijuana only lasts a few hours (although it may seem like longer) and the come-down can be quick to appear. After the high completely wears off, you may feel pretty groggy for a few hours. This will pass, though.

5. Long-term effects. The long-term negative effects of smoking marijuana are pretty much the same as with any other substance that you smoke - lung damage. However, it's possible that long-term use may also impair your memory. The study that weed causes schizophrenia, however, is mostly bullshit (unless you've got a history of it in your family).

Overall, I would say that being high is usually a pretty magical experience. I recommend weed to anyone in high school or older.
"Dude, I was so high last night. I watched Aqua Teen for like an hour and I ate all my Cheez-Its."
by wingz99 July 16, 2007
Top Definition
The state I am in now. For the 5 people who have never gotten high, I will try to explain it. at first, before you are really high, you become really giddy and will laugh at the slightest thing. you also may remember random things and pointlessly share them. When you are high, it feels very much like your dreaming. when you are sober, it may be hard to remember wut happened when you were high, much like how its hard to remember a dream after you wake up. when you are high, your vision gets messed up. some people compare it to watching your vision in a movie theater. for example, if you turned on your tv while high, it may seem like you are sitting in a movie theater watching a movie of yourself turning on a tv in the first person. also, you see things in a different perspective. if you are high enough, your own house can seem completely different! music is also heard in a different perspective. it can seem like the music surrounds you. I like to describe it as being "in the music". Different music can have different effects on you. old school rock can make you trip out or go crazy. rap can make you freestyle better than you ever thought possible. techno can actually sound cool. your balance and coordination are afffected when you are high. you frequently move around and almost fall if you're high enough. simple tasks (like typing this) can be a lot harder when you're high. also watching things can be different, particulary animated things. I strongly recomend watchin the animatrix while high to find out what im talkin about. i tried my best to explain being high, but really the only way to understand it is to get high yourself. so, for you five who have never gotten high, go get lots of weed and smoke it now! Note: once you've been smoking weed for a while, it can be very hard to achieve the state i described.
i took one hit of that dro out of the gravity bong and i was high!
by deee May 19, 2004
You know your *high* when you exhibit the following characteristics:

1. you laugh uncontrollably because you realize how high you are and how high everyone else is and how everything else you wouldn't give a second thought about when your sober is now compltely ridicoulous.
2. your vision gets really sensitive and your eyes may feel like they're messed up. don't worry, thats just pressure being relieve from them caused by an excess of blood flow to the cornea and conjuctiva.
3. you find yourself thinking about something deeply introspective (metacognition) and then completely forget what you were thinking about, then spend all your mental energy on trying to remember what you were thinking about, only for you to forget that you were trying to remember something you forgot about and just start to think about something completley different.
4. your sexual desire will increase, and you will talk to anything that you want to engages in sexual intercourse with, with complete disregard for what your actually saying. if you do engage in a sexual act you will find that it will be incredible and every sensation you feel will be better by an exponential margin.
5. music sounds amazing. you will hear every single instrument used, without really listening to it. certain genres of music and certain musicians will make your high feel elevated. music will put your mind into a pensive and contemplative state and you can spend hours engaged in this activity.
6. your apetite will increase and you will find that every piece of food you consume tastes ridiculously amazing. you will not realize how much food you consume until someone tells you that you ate the entire bag of cheetohs, at which point you will look for a bag of doritos or fun-yuns
7. you will aprecciate everything around you and a state of absolute euphoria will encompass your psychological activity. Stress and worry will be reduced by a large amount.
8. confusion sets in and you will find yourself baffled at very elementary problems. (Note** never do you homework or attempt to take a test under the influence of marijuana)

heres a tip: get your group of your best friends and some weed over to your back yard. turn on some pink floyd or bone thugs-n-harmony. roll a blunt, (cigar sized marijuana cigarette) pass it around, relax and enjoy the good time your spending with your friends.
"I'm so *high* right now."
by t-baggs March 07, 2006
Hard to describe, but basically the feelings that you get after smoking a whole load of weed. After the first few J's you get a bit light-headed and if you keep smoking then everything can seem absoluteley hilarious and set yuo laughing for a good ten minutes, especially funny shit on TV, or funny words like 'Gognay'.
After the giggles stage you get unbelievably lazy and physically cant move off the sofa, unless you have the munchies as well when you go and demolish the whole cupboard full of food. When you're high music and film can seem to have a deeper relevance and more meaning to you. You can also spend ages looking at nothing in particular and getting forgetful and confused, which is hilarious. After that inevitably come sleep usually, and you spin out when you put your head down, I also get real paranoid sometimes. SO basically thats what being high is and its fuckin great to be honest. beats getting pissed anyday.
I was so high that I tried to walk up the stairs and ended up going out of the front door.

"Tilly Toom Tong?! Who the fuck is Tilly Toom Tong?"
by gognay May 09, 2005
It's hard to describe. I guess it can be best related as a wonderful warm fuzzy feeling throughout your body, slowly coursing from head to toe. you can feel.. seriously.. everything in your body just like.. buzzing with intense warm heat. and you feel so relaxed. you feel like a big wet noodle. well, a semi-wet noodle. one that hasn't been.. well... fully wettnened.. fuck if I know.. but yeah. there ya go.
Damn son. I'm so fuckin high right now. I am no longer physically able to move any of my limbs. dude pass the bong.
by James-Albert Kellock December 31, 2004
Under the influence of marijuana. Everything seems to slow down, and become better. Music seems much better, and you seem to understand it more. While high people may experience enhanced creativity and artistic skills. A high individual can still function, however he/she will not be crisp. Some people are able to drive as good as normal, because they are aware of the imparement, and are able to control themselves. A high can last from 40 minutes to several hours, depending on the quality, strain, and method of smoking(pipe, joint, blunt, bong, blades, lungs etc.) New users may experience a bad high, panic attacks, very red eyes, and coughing their heads off.
I got so high today, I felt like I was on a boat.
by Spliffy LongBlunt June 27, 2006
a state of complete and total okay-ness. everything is fine and nothing is wrong. the best feelingin the world. i am high right now and it is amazinggggg. i love it. go. get high. now.
when you smoke weed, you get high
by stonerrrr June 13, 2006
after smoking some bud, this feeling washes upon you like a warm wave. The first noticable sign you get is when everything takes on a hazy effect. Its like, a weight being lifted off your shoulders. Then you get the giggles. Everything seems to be funny. And if you can't control yourself, its difficult to stop. Its hard not to smile. You difinatly don't want to be around anyone who isnt high, because they just won't get it.
Being high is a very hard feeling to describe.
You get really hungry. Please, try not to eat everything. You'll regret it in the morning.
try it =]
The best way to know the feeling of being high is to experience it for yourself.
So stop reading this...and go burn.
I was gonna go to class, but i got high.
I coulda cheated, and i coulda passed, but i got high
by Adrianne Daaaaaavis May 08, 2006
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