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The first project initiated by a newlywed wife. All the weight that was lost first to secure a steady relationship, then to look good for the wedding is added back on with a six week time period. After the sixth week the ass grows until the wife starts having to wear sweatpants and elastic pants.
Wow (insert name here)'s ass expansion project is ahead of schedule....Ewww!

note: In mixed company sometimes it is appropriate to use the term "expansion project"
by chosney September 25, 2003
The biggest scandal since Whitewater and Iran Contra, when a father of a girl scout sold girl scout cookies at 50 cents over market rates, probably buying a yacht with his earnings.
After Jim perpetrated Cookie Gate he was apointed special advisor to the Savings and Loan Board.
by Chosney November 12, 2003
The big poofy hair that asshole executive have. Looks like a wig.
Jimmy Johnson looks great in his executive haircut.
by Chosney November 10, 2003
Having full accountability, but no authority over a product line.
We yelled at the product manager to compensate for our heads being up our asses!
by Chosney July 11, 2003
The act of continually identifying the most important projects to work on instead of actually working on them.
We priortized the project in the 34th different way since we identified them last spring.
by Chosney September 23, 2003
That magical moment when it only takes one wipe of the toilet paper after taking a winnick
I took a Winnick and it turned out to be a one wiper, I should buy a lottery ticket today!
by chosney August 06, 2003
1. A red-neck want to be.
2. Someone who acts like a redneck but lives a privileged middle class life.
3. Camaro driving, budweiser drinking, black t-shirt wearing, mullet haircut, bowling kind of suburban asshole.
While Mike lives in the burbs he's a total clefton.
by Chosney September 15, 2003

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