Hicks are generally found in the subparts of Kentucky, Nevada, Texas, or Tenesee. I am from Kentucky, and I have to live with them day by day. NOW Hicks generally generate themselves on racism and hate crimes. NOT ALL but most. They hate all sorts of races, but the most hardcore hicks will hate all races. The hick is generally a very embred specimen. Do not get into a fight with one at a rodeo, as you will soon find your self unconsious in the bull pen. If you must, fight one in the ghetto where at least the african-american people can grab a gun and help.
Hicks are what give Kentucky a bad name. Even though there are people of high intelligence here.
I person from a rural area, usually in the northern states. Unlike rednecks, hicks usually are far out from heavily populated areas. Many dislike the cities and rarely venture there. Many hicks who live in Northern New England are also experienced woodsmen and enjoy the woods.
Look at that hick over there. We know we're in Vermont now!
by The woodsman August 21, 2006
A family name more common in Great Britain (England for some of you)than the name Smith. Most of the families with this name emigrated from Liverpool to the southern states across to Texas, and are well populated in California. Hicks is a short form for Richardson, and means Son of Richard. In Belgium the name is spelled Hickx, because its origin is from the French XYZ, or "icyx, igrec, zed." Richard refers to Richard the Lionheart, who was one of the French Kings who ruled England and the name is in its original French "X".
'Enry 'Iggins loses the H in Liverpudlian, in the same way that icyx is spelled with an H in front of it sometimes, but see the famous auto racer Jacky Icyx. Richard's last name was Plantagenet, but his bastard sons were named X, and some served as peers of the realm. Dr. Michael Hicks is the Editor in Chief of American Music Magazine. David Hicks is a prominent trial lawyer in the San Francisco Bay Area named in 2007 as one of the top 10 lawyers in the Greater East (San Francisco) Bay by the East Bay Business Times. Robert Hicks built the cell phone systems in Belgium and Germany for Airtouch and was COO for Globalstar which put up cell phone satellites around the world. The 3 are brothers.
by D.K. Hicks August 14, 2007
Generally poor whites with little or no education. The majority of them live in rural areas or the poorest sections of the city. Most are considered harmless and are completely clueless on what's going on around the world.

They live in trailer parks, drive trucks with different colored panels or primer stains, love WWF and NASCAR and have 5 kids before the age of 25.
Look at the hicks honey, we must be near Kentucky.
by glum68 August 12, 2008
A word used by inner-city snobs to describe people who don't know the sushi bar menu by heart, do not have strangers living a paper-thin wall away, and won't get tanked off of one beer.
"You are such a hick," Lydia said to Patricia when she began to load her own landry.
by quilablack118 March 18, 2009
A wannabe cowboy; typically seen wearing wranglers and cheap western shirts bought at WalMart. They appear to have their own language that only they can understand. They tend to pronounce things differently than a normal citizen would. Bonus points if you can pull off the accent, the look, AND impress your friends with a good old fashioned racist remark!
Instead of "wash", use "worsh"
by porkfried June 07, 2003
I live in louisiana so obviously my definition is accurate seeing as how i know many 'hicks'.
The crude term hick is for an uneducated (or not properly educated) person who in result mispronounces words and is not very smart it is true that there are people in southern states that live this way but it is a common misconception that everyone in louisiana is a hick also people do not eat roadkill and possom pie these are terms, nick names, for certain types of food and many people eat food that has been in there family for generations, cornbread, red beans and rice, people living in the southern states and rural areas do no have sex with there siblings or relatives therefore with this definition now added i hope that people instead of ranking themselves highly over people like that they should take a second look and rank themselves lower you never hear about a 'hick' writing unkind and untrue definition of people just because of the place they live, their income, or the type of food available for them to eat so next time your make a redneck joke consider this if you had to hunt and kill most of your food to survive you wouldn't be making fun of other people in that situation
Jack is such a hick i can't understand anything he says.
by Wacky July 12, 2004

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