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This is a new medical symptom consisting in a paradoxical combination of a hiccup and a burp occuring simultaneously. It is painful. It was first described in someone with peritonitis.
Oh my god, you just had a hiccurp, we should go to the emergency room!
by timesarrow101 April 28, 2008
when you hiccup and burp at the same time
a hiccup mixed with a burp
by lorie February 16, 2004
Burps, and hiccups combined. When you hiccup, and then you burp afterwards. The most annoying thing that can happen.
John: I hate hiccups.
Bob: Well, hiccurps are worse.
John: What are those?
Bob: Burps after hiccups.
John: Ha, your a moron! *hiccup* *burp*
Bob: Haha. Karma.
by Random Psycho Killer August 28, 2010
a Hiccurp is a cross between a burp and a hiccup. So you think that you will be getting the hiccups in actuality you will only get a hiccurp because the hiccups do not come full blown and you only do one.
Uh oh......you have the hiccups? Nope! It was just a hiccurp!
by extremecinabunz December 05, 2013