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when you hiccup and burp at the same time
a hiccup mixed with a burp
by lorie February 16, 2004
In Toronto and the greater GTA a gina is the opisite of a gino. A girl usually of Italian desent that tries very hard to be cool. Often found wearing tight clothes, listening to gino beats, giving head, and looking "hot" in their boyfriend's civic.
Do you listen to beats??
Ew, do I look like a Gina to you??
by Lorie December 07, 2004
A Canadian TV show set in Toronto that fails horribly to represent anything in or around Toronto. Although it is adicting, it shouldn't be set in Toronto because it's really a poor attempt. Do not come to Toronto expecting anything remotely like Degrassi.
Degrassi is on Tuesday nights at 8:30pm on CBC.
by Lorie December 07, 2004

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