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the way spanish people say jesus
heyzeus christ thats a hot tamale
by kate February 10, 2004
The slang term that Hispanics use when they mean Jesus. See Yeshua.
Hey Zeus, get over here before I warm your butt like a tortilla!
by Fly On The Wall October 24, 2004
Phrase used when you are experiencing the need to tell the person you're with to "chill out" or "calm yourself."
Hey-zeus guys, the quiz isn't until tomorrow!
by Lindsay Hamel May 02, 2008
What one would say as a greeting to a person who is comparable to the ancient Greek God of sky and thunder.
Some also say Heyzeus is a type of substance.
Others say Heyzeus rhymes with corn-dog. I don't believe them.
Mere Mortal- Hey Zeus!
Zeus- What did you say?!
Mere Mortal- U-urm, I meant urm... Heyzeus !
Zeus- That's more like it... Meh I'll kill you anyway.
by uwanttruthitellz August 24, 2009
Heyzeus is an adjective used to describe any exclamatory/shocking or alarmingly disturbing situation the speaker finds themselves in. Heyzeus is derived from the Spanish pronunciation of Jesus, "hey-zeus" and is used instead of "Jesus!". Was created by the great word inventor Stewart "Nauta" Patterson
"WOW her outfit was a bit Heyzeus!"

"That haircut he got is heyzeus!"

by poofelon March 08, 2010
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