*a horse like person who slags of tea pot hats, managing to be attractive whilst being a animal.
Reiss: Look at her!
Holly: That is one mighty fine hetty!
by Hetty! April 19, 2005
This is usually commonly used against our Burberry-loving friends, the typicalchav. Basically, it's when a fourteen-year-old chav thinks he's a pimp because he's had 6 twelve-year-old schoolkids because he can't get any action anywhere else. Instead of the word, 'pimp', we replace it with 'hetty'.

Can also translate into, 'stupid pikey prick'.
Maison: Oi Lee, i got me sum pusseh last nite boyacasha!
Lee: Ah me bredwin ya fuck Kerry from Maccy D's nigga?
Maison: Nah m8 nah, her 4 lil' sistaz man innit! Ai!
by Revenge Of The Black Lettuce August 05, 2005

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