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An amazing person with good grades and an even better personality. She's nice, smart and she'll say that she has no common sense, but she does. If you know a Hettie, then you're one of the luckiest people in the world.
Person 1: Hey she's really nice and smart.

Person 2: Must be a Hettie.
#nessie #awesome #amazing #good #hettie
by leobucko November 01, 2012
Hettie is a mainstream girl: she loves chomping chodes and slurping schlongs. She has a yearning to lick scrumptious balls and stroke sweet bellends. The tickle on her throat. The thick white cum dribbling from her lips. the whole female side of her family is just like her. The men in her family love dicks and balls and bellends just as much as their counterparts but they also love clits and a dollop of ass juice.
Person 1: Hettie chomped on my dick the other day
Person 2: what out her dad wants a bite too

dick hettieblowjob hettiedad hettieblowjobmunch hettiethewhore
by Hettie Hater May 20, 2016
Hettie has always thought of herself as a good girl, however she has a deep yearning for sucking big veiny cocks. Her mother, her grandma and all her female relatives have a tendency to licking big juicing bellends and caressing wrinkly balls. However the male side of her family is even worse , they love dicks, bellends and balls just as much as their female counterparts however they have a weird addiction to clitorises. Every day they have a breakfast lunch and dinner: each with a side of clits. Sometimes some truffle is gently poured on top.
Person 1: Hettie is the most disgusting dick muncher i've ever seen
Person 2: wait till you see her great-great-great granddad
by Hettie Hater May 20, 2016
An obese girl who moves around by rolling and crushes anyone who gets in her way.
#hattie #hittie #huttie #hottie #het
by complainingslut January 10, 2012
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