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Slimmer fitting outerwear with more gypsy style.
Wyatt Barclay is "hesh"
by Karton April 04, 2011
Typically related to skateboard culture describing a particularly grungy individual. Similar to dark matter, once it is observed it cannot "be."
That guy with the scum 'stache and tight pants is trying to be hesh...therefore he is inherently not hesh.
by abrobrobro October 20, 2010
In the 1980's--yes, old school. It was a derogatory term used to describe cigarette and/or marijuana smoking, long-haired, heavy metal music fans (usually male).
"Don't wear that Iron Maiden concert t-shirt unless you want to look like a heshen."
by Witchie Poo June 01, 2006
Hesh : The act of something being so whack, or so shady/sketchy and not being mad about it. HESH !
That girl sam is soooooo hesh !!


fucking hesh bro... fucking HESH
by TdubLogan February 01, 2011
A synonym of the word hush used by effeminate males in the state of Georgia (commonly in the areas of Rome, Atlanta and Athens).
Hesh has many uses
Ex. No honey, you HESH!
Ex. Tell that cunt to perch and hesh!
Ex. That bitch over there lookin like a.....HESH
by Hye-Fashun March 21, 2011
A term to describe someone who couldn't care less for anything or anyone.

A person who doesn't care for anything.

If you say you are hesh, you aren't
Todd Labuda and Ean Henry are hesh, but they don't care.
by Todd Labuda January 23, 2005
hesh came from the snowboarding world. a hesh kid wears tight pants, feathers in hair, vintage band t shirts, lots of necklaces and bracelets, long greasy hair, v necks, inked up, leather jackets and dont give a shit about much.
"dude that kid has hesh ass steez"
by HESHrider May 12, 2009