A prelude to a juicy wet poo poo that are notorious for leaving wet brown marks in the drawers.
I gotta get to the shitta mad quick cuz i got some serious hershey squirts that could go full blown dirty crap in my pants!
by Bong Joos November 26, 2003
1. brown spot on underwear resulting from a diarrhea fart. 2. failure of parents to adequately potty train a child.
damn! did you hear that dude's fart? that must have left a hershey squirt for sure!
by smak September 04, 2003
When you accidentally poop when you're trying to fart.
Denver - Ay, I did a Hershey Squirt. I farted and a little pit of poop squirted out!

Tyler - Ewwww.
by Roxanne Hayley Michelle August 17, 2007
When you have to take a shit and all that comes out is a loud fart and a spray of shit. (Just compare to the Hershey syrup bottle when it's on it's last squirt).
Bro I had the hershey squirts today, as soon as I sat on the toilet, it started squirtin' out.
by miggelzworth October 25, 2010
also known as diarhea- the runs- or the shits
nah i cant come out tonight- mary slipped exlax in my drink n i've got the hershey squirts like a motha fucka
by ...mary May 04, 2003
(n) a miniscule squirt of shit, often with a tail akin to a Hershey's Kiss
"You laid out a hershey squirt on the counter? I hope no one mistakes it..."
by Bystrick March 22, 2003
1. (n) the result of when one farts and defication/poop/shit comes out (does not need to be an extensive amount).

2. one has completed a hershey squirt when he/she farts and makes a hershey kiss in his/her pants at the same time.

3. (adj) used to describe a wet, squisy sounding fart.
bob: *faaarrrttt-squiisshhh!!!!!* (makes a wet, squishy fart)

fred: dude, bob, that was one effing HERSHEY SQUIRT!... you better check your pants!
by r-Y-a-N October 06, 2005

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